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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro Cigar Review This 6×52 stick offers a dark chocolate oily wrapper with small veins, invisible seams, a very even crushed velvet …


  1. literally same thing happened to me today with a la requeza no 4( i got for
    free thankfully)…it had a stem poking out of the end alittle so i took it
    off, it was tiny only like a qtr of an inch big right in the middle…but
    than almost all of the cigar burned like i was getting all air. i bet there
    was a random stem in the middle of yours but you didnt see it cause it was
    burning along with the cherry. but ya right down the middle a hole. but
    lol bought one of these my fathers today hopefully that doesnt happen when
    i finally smoke it…good brand it shouldnt 

  2. This is a great smoke, I like to several on hand! Nice review…..

  3. Chewy smoke? LOL wtf…

  4. But if you don’t inhale the smoke, how do you get the buzz off of them?

  5. Have you trued the box press version of this cigar? I find it to be far

  6. I smoked a couple Don Pepins Blue Label Churchills. I was pretty
    disappointed with the construction as well. One was plugged, and the other
    one was dry and literally came apart on me. The fact the you smoked this
    one and it also had bad construction is disheartening. They did taste
    great, but bad construction ruins the entire experience.

  7. Funeral music.

  8. @micivic I’ve had this problem, too. But I suspect it has to do with cigar
    construction, not moisture problems, probably they have less leaf in the
    center. Couple reasons for this – first I’ve had multiple sticks from the
    same batch stored in the same place – and only one had the tunneling.
    Second, cigars lose moisture from the foot and thru the wrapper – and
    conversely a dry cgr absorbs from the foot, before the wrapper – likely
    causing dry cgrs to burst their foots when rehumidifying.

  9. This one is very nice, mine went out twice for no real reason

  10. I think you’ve overpaid for this stick my friend, picked up 2 for $20

  11. Top 5 stick of mine, love the churchill… $12 at my shop, not $200…Lmfao

  12. most likely thought it was because he didnt realize it comes with more than
    1 cigar when purchased off of cigarsinternationals

  13. that tunneling happened to me before with other cigars. im not sure but i
    think it has to do with the humidor not having enough moisture. if its not
    humid enough the center of the cigar would burn faster as there is no
    moisture in the center. it pisses me off when that happens to me but also
    my fault for not checking up on my humidor. if anyone finds out why this
    happens let me know i need to know if its the cigar or me with my humidor
    again great review

  14. Thumbs up if your nose keeps telling you that you are smelling cigar smoke
    from somewhere

  15. where are you getting that this is a $200 cigar? It’s not. It’s about $11
    to $13 dollars.

  16. Unfortunate about the tunneling. The flavors sound great though.

  17. What’s the deal with “tunneling”??? I’ve never smoked a cigar, much less a
    $200 cigar, that did this??? Lazy or improper manufacturing?

  18. My Favorite Cigar Hands down. .. But I dont think all the flavor notes are
    there that fast. you rattled them off pertty quick at the lite. ..? I do
    like all of your reviews tho~

  19. 200$ for a box of 23 lol.

  20. had a petite robusto last week and might have been the best cigar i’ve ever
    had ( and i’ve a bunch )…..went out and bought a box on for
    $166 for the 7 x 50 box of 23….just came on UPS….can’t wait to have one
    2nite !

  21. thats a $200 cigar! it better be good!

  22. Smoking one of these as I am reading this. Great description of the
    flavors. Absolutely no burn issues with mine. 🙂

  23. great cigar. one of my most enjoyable ones.

  24. you always have great reviews; thank you.

  25. I have 2 sticks that have been aging in my humidor for about a year. I just
    hope they don’t have the same problems as the one u smoked. It’s a
    delicious smoke I hope age will make it a better smoke. Thanks for that
    review always enjoy your videos keep them coming!!!!!

  26. A guy on this thread said it, not me…

  27. great cigar!!! I’ve been smoking cigars for about 4 years now and My Father
    cigars were one of the first ones I had when i started and it is still hard
    to find one that matches up to it. Jamie Garcia is one that is a close tie
    with My Father, but they are both made by the same brand so its a win win.

  28. @cigarobsession cheaphumidors. com has a box of 23 for $224

  29. Nicotine absorbed through the membranes in your mouth….Trust me, you
    DON’T have to inhale to get a buzz!

  30. hit a knot maybe?

  31. I like this stick a lot, and have had not had the problem in the video. It
    looks like a bit of freak thing.

  32. Thanks 🙂 That’s something that sets me apart from everyone else, and I
    like it 🙂

  33. Had my first Le Bijou a few weeks ago and it blew me away! Creamy and
    complex. Regrettably it was VERY windy that day so I did have to deal with
    some tunneling, but with a few touch ups it all worked out. Will definitely
    be picking up some more of those in the future =)

  34. This cigar made me fall in Love with Don Pepin and his other blends. I
    bought a box of these Toro size cigars this past summer. Unfortunately I
    only have 6 left. Great aroma, and flavor. Sorry about the cigar issues
    Bryan, swear it never happens. Great Review as always

  35. I just had one of the Le Bijou’s in a Grand Robusto and had draw problems
    in the final third. Disappointing for the ultra premium price the Garcia’s
    ask for construction issues to be so prevalent.

  36. @aaronzack14 Uh, no, not a $200 cigar. Try $12 or so.

  37. This one gave me buzz.

  38. If you inhale cigar smoke it’ll burn you up, the tobacco is a lot harder on
    your lungs than ciggy smoke, as for the buzz I assume you mean absorb the
    nicotine from the tobacco – short answer the same way you would with
    chewing tobacco through the capillaries on your mouth lining

  39. The music is a very subtle but nice touch.

  40. This is my new top 5 cigar. I smoke a few a week. Love them Great review

  41. I’m a beginner looking for a great cigar. I was looking for a Padron
    Delicias Maduro. What would you recommend?

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