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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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My Father Flor de las Antillas Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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My Father Flor de las Antillas Toro Cigar Review This 6×52 2012 Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year features a dark brown slightly mottled velvety textured wr…

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  1. I’m debating whether I should buy a box of these. I found a site that sells
    10 in a my father humidor for $80. What do you think? Sounds too good to
    pass up

  2. This cigar was a huge disappointment ! 

  3. Haha man, you’ve given “ME” an obsession with cigars!! XD 

  4. Nice review! Quick question what kind of cigar cutter is that? Where did
    you buy that? I’m looking to get one similar to yours. Thanks in advance

  5. I simply love these -thanks for the review.

  6. Bailey Lush

    Unfortunately it is hard to tell what cigar or flavor profile will appeal
    to the enthusiasts, but with this one as you mentioned it really does lack
    body. I recently tried “La Capitana” it is a Nicaraguan Puro, it was
    splendid, very affordable I bought a box from Best Cigar Prices for $49.00.
    Amazing flavor and aroma, flawless construction. 

  7. The Pinar del rio Sungrown liga cubana no2 was only 4 bucks and so much

  8. Gotta love a nice tight ash!! 

  9. I really enjoyed this cigar. Flavour profile hits my palate nice. BTW:
    great reviews! Keep’em comin’

  10. Hi Bryan,

    Just smoked one of these cigars, rather disappointing. The flavour was flat
    and little flavour coming through, 2/3rds down some creaminess and
    sweetness. I agree not a phenomenal cigar by any means.

  11. Good review, and a great smoke for the $7.60 + tax in FL.

  12. A cigar review every 24 hours, this really is an obsession.

  13. Would anybody recommend this cigar for a beginning cigar smoker? If not,
    what would you suggest. Thanks.

  14. Looking great Bryan

  15. Wow that looks awesome! But don’t use frame blending or motion blur,
    otherwise it looks FANSASTIC!

  16. hey Bryan or anyone. sorry if this gets annoying but i really need help
    with my humidor. so i got my first one and watched your video of the wiping
    down method. but so far my humidor lingers around 60,62, and 63. and as the
    day grows dark it drops down to the 50’s. im worried that if i wipe it down
    again i will ruin it. i’ve started to notice very small cracks. is that
    normal or is it totally ruined now? any and all help is greatly appreciated
    and again sorry if this ? gets annoying.

  17. WoW Looks great brother Keep it up def better than before Cheers!

  18. Great cigar, I bought 3 boxes last month, my new favorite relatively cheap

  19. great picture bro!

  20. There must be a pretty big difference in the tobacco crop with this cigar
    as is very very common with so many blends year to year. I’m seeing lots of
    reviews on this cigar and I can tell you its not even remotely the same
    cigar as it was in the batch that won the award. From that production I
    totally get why it won. Perhaps one of the most unique and classy sticks
    ever. Definitely a medium body tops blend and.

  21. Love the new quality Bryan. Sound is great as well. I love filming with my
    7D, great quality.

  22. That switch as SO badass. This is really fantastic. What a great change,

  23. Ahhh! My two favorite reviewers on the same page! Ahhhh! Glad you’re back
    by the way, I was the guy on SR that made the comment about you seeming
    like a pot head. DO MORE REVIEWS.

  24. face looks slimmer in this video

  25. Looks awesome, man!

  26. Oooo, I can see the p’s. Been more curious about My Father. Thanks.
    Condenser shotgun?

  27. WAIT…HOW MANY CIGARS USUALLY SMOKE FOR 1 DAY??? what ever, your review is
    most helpful in youtube, tho

  28. What would you say is your favourite cigar?

  29. I had this cigar the other day actually and it was really good. I loved it
    probably going to be buying them next year.

  30. First one of your reviews I’ve seen, good job, I really enjoyed it.

  31. btw, I hated this Flor de las Antillas – you called it, bro

  32. There’s supposed to be I’m filming 24p now

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