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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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My Best & Worst Lighters Of 2017 (Wife’s Lighters Included)

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  1. Im loving that Vector KGM Commando looks badass

  2. I got a lighter that is a bikini model and when you open it to flame it the tits on er light up and flash multi-color haha

  3. at least 50 euros for a real zippo in the eu

  4. I would be surprised if you were a large scale consumer for marawana

  5. Do you loose gas when you leave your zippo cap open? Also my zippo gets very hot everytime i use it

  6. That vector could be a weapon

  7. I dislike bic's for the waste factor. They have around an hours worth of fuel in them and then they're just land fill or whats more like park, river or ocean fill, which I find highly aggravating. Even if you don't want to pay the premium for the brand just get the dollar store version and have some responsibility for yourself.

  8. I love collecting Zippos. The only thing im using lighters for is burning random stuff. I´m kind of a hobby pyromaniac but only in firesides or when I have water to extinguish the fire. I do this because I love fire.

  9. What is the one at the end called the 3 jet flame one is the kgm I really would appreciate it if you could tell me?

  10. A second amendment designed zippo

  11. only real man light whit zippo 😉

  12. inmy country zippo cost around 100e

  13. hey Jeff what is the best type of lighter to use on a Al Capone?

  14. Would you liketo sell your Vetor Armor lighter? YOu can't find those anywhere! I could really use one.

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