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My beginner journey into the cigar/humidor world

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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A couple of cigars that I have so far. Just bought a membership from Corona Cigar Company here in Orlando, FL. And hope to fill my humidor with some great ci…

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  1. Buy some boveda humidipaks they are awesome!

  2. Xikar is pronounced “zykar” and be sure to salt test your hygrometer to
    make sure it’s accurate. I thought my humidity was too low but after salt
    testing my hygrometer I realized it was reading low and my humidity was
    fine. Also don’t listen to Reggie santos, he’s an idiot. The humidity can
    penetrate the cellophane

  3. Lol. I said right. My bad, I meant left.

  4. I’ve been enjoying all of my cigars so far.

  5. Take your cigars out of the cellophane wrap. Humidity cannot penetrate the

  6. Yup potentials is right watch a video on how to calibrate ur hydrometer its
    very easy and it will save you headaches , also cellophane does not affect
    humidity infact it helps stop damage . also tlif u plan on aging ur cigars
    or leaving them in your humidor for some months in highhumidity and hot
    temperature s can cause a marriage between two cigars u might not want
    cellophan is good! U live in a high humidity u might not need a humidifier
    for some months

  7. thats funny that was my first humidor too.

  8. I’ve been enjoying all of my cigars so far.

  9. For your hydration issue google up heartfelt beads and either choose 65% or
    70% and put them in mesh bags.

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