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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. its now 2014 and in the UK you will be looking at £15/£30 for a

  2. Great Music

  3. I know this video is very old, but i just picked one of these up in what is
    called, The Cigar Lovers Diary, along with many others. It was showing some
    ploom! i am very excited to smoke it. (it was churchill size)

  4. Was wondering what your take on the CAO Gold cigars?

  5. he did get a little bit of charring, but take your pickyness else where. He
    payed for it he can smoke it light it cut it however he wishes.

  6. Monte Cristo No. 2 here cost me like, 15 GBP thats 30 US Dollars Each. Do
    you think that’s extortionate? But think it’s maybe due to tax.

  7. nice review buddy keep em coming

  8. RyJ…paying for the name?! Are you referring to the Dominican or Cuban?
    Because, in my humble opinion, Habanos SA RyJ’s are worth every penny!

  9. hi i got a monte white sittin in my humi right now im 18 n been smoking
    cigars for a while now lol ive had everything from ur basic rocky patel to
    ashton vsg padron 45th cuban cohiba siglo vi which are my personal favorite
    evn though they run u at 35 a piece but ya im looking forward to enjoy my
    churchill white label tmrw while at the beach fishing with my dad one of my
    favorite cigars always consistent, also nice review and i havent seen
    anybody say congrats on ur first born kid but CONGRATS!!

  10. Are montecristos really that great? Some poeple say oh there expensive
    cause of the name thats about it, i dont really know what to think cause
    ima try the number 1 2 and 3’s the original label?

  11. what do you think of torpedo cigars?

    35 EACH

  13. I really love them and you will too if you like a nice creamy smooth mild
    cigar. There have been some mild construction/burn issues but all in all
    for a three dollar cigar you can’t beat it…it’s like smoking a stick of

  14. Hafa adai Jerry.

  15. cant you guys make the reviews and not stretch the image.. The video is
    squeezed in making you appear too thin.. It so annoying to look at.. Please
    keep the images in proportion from now on.

  16. haha yeah go skins!

  17. judging by the videos posted by financebiz, he knows what he’s talking

  18. WHY do you always say euh euhmm euhh ??? hey euhh euhmmm STOP saying “euhh

  19. Dominican…the Habanos Montecristo #2 is one my favorites.

  20. I like this guy’s reviews about good cigars , but He always makes mouth
    noises that bothers me while he talks, like ,”Tsua,Tsua!” I want him to
    stop that!!!

  21. i really want to try this i’ve only had the montecristo classic and that
    was great but still not worth the price in my opinion. but besides that to
    a fellow coffee lover and redskins fan this was a good review so on a
    special occasion i’ll have to give it a try

  22. i did not see you lighting this cigar but by the look of the wrapper just
    after you lighted it you probably have no clue how to properly do it.

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