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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Montecristo Tubos Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Montecristo Tubos Cigar Review This 6×42 cigar comes packaged in a cedar sleeve, inside an aluminum tube with a screw on cap. I…



  1. How long is the smoke?

  2. have you tried the monti 2?
    idont know if you can get them in the us.

  3. humidor tour!!! humidor tour!!! humidor tour!!!

  4. Damn it has the exact same logo as Cuban Montecristo’s! Where are the ones
    you guys get made in?

  5. @wayne42186 First, the company you are thinking of is General Cigar, not
    Cigars. Second, Montecristo is by Altadis, not General Cigar.

  6. Thanks for all the videos

  7. I had a montecristo habana at a family party. It had a good flavor and
    plenty of smoke output, but it had a lot more strength than I prefer. I
    would definitely have another at some point soon.

  8. @alherchenreder If you go to his website he has some pictures of his set
    up. Just no actual sticks.

  9. @victory01 Thanks me too – another perk of being a YouTube Partner 🙂

  10. I’m really liking the new thumbnail you put up for your videos.

  11. why is it so important to keep the ash as long as possible?

  12. @Jorgie0101 – The Cubans have “Habana” written under Montecristo instead of
    the cursive “MtC”. The one in the review is from the Dominican Republic and
    made by General Cigars.

  13. Yes, I second the idea of the humidor tour. Would be interesting to see
    your setup

  14. @TheBellocazzo watch my how to smoke a cigar video

  15. Thanks for the correction. Got the company mixed up.

  16. @alherchenreder He stated in a previous vid that he wasn’t going to give a
    tour as his setup is nothing much to see. kinda disappointing. =(

  17. First! Haha!

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