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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Montecristo Reserva Negra Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Montecristo Reserva Negra Toro Cigar Review This 6×54 cigar features an almost black slightly toothy and squared off wrapper with a few small veins, tight se…

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  1. Some may view this as blasphemy, but this is why I prefer the wood match
    hole poke. =]

  2. review the Monte 75th anniversary if you can…..

  3. Bryan, for the first time i bought a butane lighter and used it. It seemed
    to make the cigar alot easier to smoke and the volume was a lot better. Is
    that why?

  4. Well at least I know to avoid this one now LOL. Whether it’s the best or
    the worst stick you’re smoking, your reviews are always helpful!

  5. why is it important for the cap to stay on? when mine comes loose i just
    rip it off i dont think it changes the smoke

  6. one suggestion: maybe you could start giving these cigars a rating on the

  7. Never tried um, no interest right now

  8. I have used all types of cuts over the years, and also did a cutter
    comparison video. I just prefer the normal open draws of the way they were
    designed to be smoked. Cap damage is very rare.

  9. Surprised at the performance of this bad boy, I was expecting more. Maybe
    I’m predisposed to the name and having high expectations. Either way still
    a great review, look forward to more!

  10. How do you like pipes?

  11. I’d love to send in a Fuente 76th and a Monti NY.

  12. Hey mr. Bryan! Just wondering if you could give me some names or reviews
    you’ve done of cheaper cigars. I heard in one video you jokingly referred
    to them as “mowing cigars”! Would appreciate a response! Best, Tyler

  13. Appreciate the reviews. I have always used a cutter but just started using
    a punch and must say it not only saves the cap damage, but like the smoke a
    lot better. Have you ever tried it with a regular smoke you like to see if
    the profile might be better or worse?

  14. The type of lighter used has zero bearing on smoking characteristics like

  15. I enjoy your cigar reviews, I tried this cigar in the shorter version with
    bigger ring gauge, I was in it for about ten minutes and I ended it. Not a
    good smoke at allow, in my opinion.

  16. Do it! 🙂

  17. Because it holds the wrapper together and you don’t want it unraveling
    while you smoke. That’s the whole point of the shoulder.

  18. Quite often, and I let them sit for at least a few weeks, as I do with
    anything that’s shipped.

  19. Just smoked one of these today, wasn’t too impressed!

  20. Hey Brian how often do people send you cigars to smoke and review and how
    long do you wait to smoke it if you get one from a subscriber?

  21. Why don’t you have any hair anymore?

  22. I liked the track during this video

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