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Montecristo No. 2 Cuban Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Alex from show cases a Montecristo No. 2 Cuban Cigar.

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  1. actually if you have it in america already you won’t get in trouble and you
    are allowed to bring a small amount back for personal use.

  2. Ordered 10 of these.

  3. @PhotoLabMP go to cuba and buy it yourself

  4. @haarsplizzXXL haa im canadian im drinking from 4 bottles of habana club
    smoking a esplendido

  5. @TheEndomedico Fuente opus X gives them a big challenge and they are from
    the Dominican Republic!

  6. Oh, my mistakw

  7. You should review the sancho panza sanchos, great cigars great price lasts
    for hours

  8. @TheEndomedico Ur full of shit m8 loool!!

  9. What are the cheapest Cubans I can buy? I want to try one but I don’t want
    to spend a fortune.

  10. @jamierocker1 Not really

  11. They aren’t illegal in any other country but yours. You might want to do
    some research before you use that as one of the possible reasons people
    love cuban cigars. And seriously have you actually compared? Their are
    differences trust me..

  12. Actually, the pyramid and the torpedo are two different shapes. A pyramid
    gradually tapers down the length of the cigar, while the torpedo is
    straight. They both have the same cap on the head, but these are indeed

  13. @cmpilot Unless it’s U.S gov made crack or fresh opium straight from

  14. @WanderleiSilva29 That’s totally wrong. Its illegal to bring them into the
    country due to the trade embargo with between Cuba and America. Which
    states that things cannot be brought into America from Cuba. It has no
    bearing on nationality or who can smoke it. JFK himself brought in a lotta
    Cuban Cigars into America JUST before the trade embargo went through.

  15. Can a narrator be any more boring than this?

  16. I bought a box of these a few years ago. Probably the best Cigars I have
    smoked thus far!!! Lt. Richard Boudreau Chief Of Security Online Starbase

  17. i had one of these cigars just last week. best ive had by far. very nice
    aroma an taste.

  18. @haarsplizzXXL It’s still illegal for an American to smoke cubans
    abroad..doesn’t matter where you smoke them

  19. puffing away on one right now. They are one of the best cigars in the

  20. I bought a box of H. Upmann #2 pyramids….They are supposed to be very
    similiar to the monte Anyways they are unbelievable they are a must try for
    anyone that loves habanos

  21. The Montecristo No. 2 is my favorite cigar

  22. big majestic motherfuckers

  23. LOL a 7 hour drive huh , well its well worth the trip if your in the states
    , i didnt know you could do that , but they must get suspicious seeing alot
    of people bringing back cigars from canada , when customs see’s that you
    have cigars in the car do they make you pay tax on them ? whats the maximum
    amount of tobacco in cigars are you allowed to bring over the border before
    you start paying tax

  24. It’s a shame I can’t smoke anymore.. I used to smoke cuban cigars everyday
    since I live in Mexico (from La casa del Habano), but my doctor told me to
    quit. I miss them. I have smoked like 200 Montecristos N°2 in my life and
    all of them were heaven on earth. Sorry for my english. Greetings! (:

  25. I’m from Australia and I have to say that whatever ban that you American’s
    have on Cuban cigars is just poor… The pressure you guys put on other
    nations to ban them makes them so much more expensive for people like me.
    In Australia I have to pay up to $50 in a store just to buy a decent Cuban.

  26. Where I live, you can buy some that just say they are cubans but probably
    not. They just label them as montecristos. I mean who keeps a montecristo
    on the counter in a plexiglass container right next to the bubble gum,
    drying out in the sun. No humidor or anything. Not even a wrapper to keep
    the dust off.

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