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Montecristo Monte Jacopo No2 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Might not be a bad morning stick

  2. What on earth is your neighbor doing?

  3. The font he chose looks like the front ends of 2 cigars lying side by side.
    Wonder if it was intended or a happy coincidence.

  4. Hey Bryan! Just a little recommendation. I think you should start rating
    the cigars. I just saw your Boutique of the Month video and you mentioned
    the 19th Cordoba and Morales cigar. I actually saw the old review and
    wouldn’t even guess that it was that good.

  5. Hi Bryan, just a question, apart from the Bacarat, which other mild and
    sweet Churchills would you recommend? I’m trying to find the perfect
    Saturday morning brunch Cigar….

  6. The second band doesn’t match the original monticristo band

  7. I found U from 1ownercarguy’s page,I smoke cigarettes and thinking I may
    cut down and start smoking cigars instead! You give a nice review,great

  8. You should make t-shirts with CO logo and “son of a…” printed on them :p

  9. Ah thanks man! I dislike the Spanish names personally. It’s product for the
    American market, name them appropriately! lol

  10. Oh i agree. Pointless.

  11. America has a large population of citizens who speak Spanish as their
    primary language. I don’t see why products should not be made to appeal to
    those markets if they choose.

  12. Monte Cristo smokes in my opinion tend to be way overrated.

  13. brian the J in Jacopo it’s pronounced as a Y, so you should say Ya ko po.
    Just to let you know buddy 🙂

  14. “Son of a…” Did you ever think that’d become a catchphrase? 😛 Sounds
    like a good stick. I ought to give Montecristo a try sometimes. Even though
    I like more intricate and eye-grabbing bands, there’s something I really
    like about their clean, simple bands.

  15. America has an even larger population that speaks English…….and buys
    the majority of ‘Spanish speakers’ products. So I have to agree with Brian,
    why not focus more on ‘who’ buys your products, versus ‘what’ language the
    maker speaks? After all, isn’t the customer always right? If you want them
    to buy your product, they better always be right!

  16. as soon as I liked this I scrolled up and his ash fell XD

  17. I’ll never understand why people smoke mild cigars. for what cigars cost, I
    want to taste it. I don’t want the illusion of flavor or have to go on a
    flavor hunt.

  18. cuban montes i love…..I have never been a fan of the NC Montes

  19. As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! And I support
    this site. ~M~

  20. Their No. 1 and No. 2 Cubans are mighty flavorful.

  21. I think I can tell a difference with the 1080p vids

  22. I had the same draw issue with this cigar. I kneaded the end and rolled it
    around in my fingers a bit and it opened up immediately. It felt like the
    torpedo tip had a slight knot in it. From there, if I ever felt like it was
    tightening, I would just lightly bite down on the end when I was drawing
    and it worked like a charm.

  23. Great review!! Thank you!

  24. Just had this cigar tonight. I must say I didn’t have high expectations
    since I was disappointed by the MC Epic. I was pretty impressed however. It
    started off very mild and then picked up with a medium flavor. I ended up
    smoking it down to the nub and it still held it’s flavor. Definitely a step
    above some other Montecristos I’ve had. Well worth the 9$ a stick price
    (unlike their Epic which costs 20$ each).

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