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Mixture #79 Pipe Tobacco – Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Thank you to Pipes & Spirits for sending me this pouch to enjoy and do a review on! I found it to be very enjoyable despite the many negative things I have heard about it. The floral topping is unique but that tobaccos are very good quality. I recommend this blend to anyone who is an old codger at heart, but one who also has an adventurous palate! Enjoy! Happy smokes!

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  1. Im just concerned that you and Sarge go around sniffing old ladies pocketbooks. 😂

  2. I just tried mixture 79 the other day. and I did not care for it. but I like Gawith Hoggarth & Co.: Bosun Cut Plug more or may be its just my taste buds. I give four stars on your review.

  3. A real surprise for me, can't believe I waited so long to try such a great blend! Thanks for sharing y vaya con Dios compadre

  4. Very nice thoughts! I will always love Mixture 79! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Sutliff and McB merged a number of years ago… and it's interesting. Both produce their own blends, and each manages the import and distribution of the other's products in their native markets.

  5. A÷ on your review ( since you are in academic mode). I smoked a couple of pouches of this in the '90s. As far as Dodger blends go –
    give me Carter Hall. We must remember that Mixture 79 was created before bouttique blends and the Surgeon General's Warning. The average Joe did not go into Brick & Mortars.

    Are you working on an advanced teaching degree in your online courses? Whatever it is you are working on, BEST wishes! Also,
    I hope you and your Mrs. are enjoying married life !!!


  6. It’s not a bad smoke! I enjoy it from time to time! Good review, take care bro!

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