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Mini Humidor tour – What should I smoke next?

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Little look into my humidor. Looking at what cigars I may review or smoke next. What’s in my review humidor.

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  1. Can you line them up and take pictures and share maybe on ur insta that way we can see the collection. Thanks.

  2. Liga 9 is fantastic, also love the under crown.

  3. Liga 9 is gonna our you on your ass if you smoke it empty, speaking from experience 😮. Delicious stick though!

  4. I thought i saw a sanctum, I’m curious wat you taste in the cigar!
    I tasted a lot of lemongrass in it, so I would say a nice summer cigar!
    Love to see you review that one!

  5. I like the undercrown maduro but cant afford the no 9 (unless i sell one of my watches! lol)

  6. Will you do a giveaway anytime soon

  7. I love My Father cigars! I have two The Judge’s sitting and waiting as well!

  8. How often do you Smoke a cigar.?

  9. Liga 9! Great stick! Thanks for the peak behind the curtain.

  10. My vote would go to the Liga 9, the T by Caldwell and the Undercrown for sure.

  11. Tatum, you can’t go wrong with anything from drew estate. They are pretty good!

  12. So much we didn’t get to see… Whip the rest out and let’s see what you’ve got. My favorites are the Padron and the My Father the Judge, but I have a feeling there is something else hiding in there.

  13. Tatum, trust me, you will SAVOR the Liga Privada # 9 and Undercrown! If I may suggest a pairing, you might want to go with the Dogfish Head World Wide Stout or Saranac 1888 Root Beer. I have reviews of most of these products on my channel you can check out. Also, I see you have an Acid Liquid in there that you did not mention. Looking forward to your review of that as well!

  14. I have really been enjoying CAOs stuff so I always love seeing reviews on those. I enjoyed the Montecristo Classic and then would love to see the Oliva Melanio as well! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  15. Caldwell Anastasia is one of my favorites

  16. The Judge or the Liga 9

  17. The little pup was a little embarrassed to be on camera. All the cigars in you humidor look great. I would like to see you try the Barber Pole smoke that looked interesting. I have never had one but would like your opinion on the flavor transitions if any.

  18. Love the no.9. I picked up 2 of the undercrown and loved them too. I then ordered a box but have had serious issues with them splitting, running and going out. Not sure how to feel about them anymore.

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