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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I have the same keyboard, mine is set to red.

  2. Tape it to a hot wheels…. Hilarious comment dude!

  3. i have the same kayboard

  4. its a windproof lighter

  5. krack lighter

  6. where do u buy?

  7. @wimmerdahl Really? I live in Canada and even through intense rain and snow
    blizzards I’ve never hard trouble lighting my cigarette with a regular bic
    lighter. I just put my coat over the cigarette and that acts as the perfect
    wind shield. Is this different with pipes/ bongs? As in, does this make it
    easier to light a pipe in the wind, and does the wind prevent it from
    imediently burning all of the tobbaco / marajuwana? (If you know) You
    should comment back, I’m intrested.

  8. i have the same keyboard as u! is urs an Advent one?

  9. where did you get it?

  10. What is that keyboard?

  11. @blingblingjon34 I dont remember.. In the end i release the button but its
    still FIRE

  12. imagine smoking weed with that

  13. lol one of my friends has the same thing works great

  14. @wimmerdahl Well, you can but you kind of have to aim it so it’s firing the
    flame INTO the end of the cigarette and take a puff at the same time but if
    you like having eyebrows then it’s a good idea to just get a regular-ass
    Bic. Tried, tested and true.

  15. Where can I buy one?

  16. thats a blow torch


  18. @masonn97 yeah i dont know haha

  19. Your lighter sucks.

  20. @TheSHHAS Nope, The cigarette burns up

  21. guys what are you talking about everyone knows thats a lightsaber!!

  22. @NeoNSPETSNAZ Bought it in a stand here in sweden lol

  23. @TheSHHAS lol,, i think im gonna have it on new year with rockets and shit
    🙂 because its always stormy weather here :/

  24. not military!!! 3 cigarettes and this shit is over! hahaha its a
    harrypotter fan`s lighter!

  25. @wimmerdahl then u dont know how the hell to start a sig lol

  26. @wimmerdahl Or when welding a broken axle

  27. Where did you get the keyboard?

  28. Seriously never seen a lighter like this? Of course you can light a
    cigarette with this, unless you’re a cretin.

  29. nice keyboard

  30. @RuneFinity44 I like how your probably some teenager thinking your cool by
    pretending that you smoke weed


  32. @wimmerdahl how much time you need to expose the tip of the cigarette to
    fire? less than a sec i say, i don’t think it would burn that fast

  33. @wimmerdahl ok. i thought it would be perfect on a windy day. maybe you
    would burn your face to.

  34. I bet it you tried to lite a cigarete with it half of it would burn up. It
    you tried to smoke a joint the same wold happen. No good for bongs or
    pipes, either. With the pipe it would burn your face because the flame is
    so close to your face. With a bong it would burn all of the marjuwana
    withen seconds. What’s the use for this? Starting campfires, maybe. I’ll
    save 50 bucks and spend one dollar on a Bic that will last me a mounth and
    not need refilling every second day. o_O/

  35. thats a swat lighter retard

  36. @wimmerdahl well, you could light a cigarette with it, just touch the flame
    on the side for a moment and it’ll light it fine.

  37. can you light a cigarette with that…..

  38. i’ve got one but with 3 flames, burn time is about 20 seconds though 🙁

  39. its a liter for tactical tigarets


  41. @Pitchblac7 Spelt is a word. It is a kind of wheat with bearded ears and
    spikelets that each contain two narrow grains, not widely grown but favored
    as a health food.

  42. @StillMotion11 no its a S.W.A.T lighter

  43. @RuneFinity44 You need it on stormy days lolololol

  44. @oldUmanUshea you suck

  45. Woooooooah a double Liiiiiiiighter !!!!!!

  46. isn’t that more of a torch? it’s nice either way.

  47. a jedi sword

  48. @StillMotion11 /watch?v=RFZrzg62Zj0

  49. thats a fucking torch

  50. @XxcoomiekidxX i do not really know

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