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Middleton’s Cherry Blend Pipe Tobacco Review – Should I be Worried?

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Today, I am reviewing the Middleton’s Cherry Blend Pipe Tobacco……..should I be worried about this tobacco? Watch and Find Out!

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  1. Well… it's fun to watch you go through this process. Eventually….. LOL you will abandon most of the aromatics for pure tobaccos and, sorry to say, you have to pay for the good stuff. Now, you can get the good stuff in bulk and in larger sizes which can save you money in the long run. My favorite OTC is Prince Albert (the plain one), second is Carter Hall and I have some others. I always buy them in the big tub – they have a better flavor in the tub than in the little pouches – don't know why. I will share more if you want me to, or I will just shut up and let you experiment.. 🙂

    Sneaking this in: I buy briar pipes and most of my tobaccos from them I get the MM cobs. My favorite is the Cobbit Wizard (he has a YouTube channel too)

  2. Hey Captain, thanks for the sub! You inspired me to try a cherry blend in bulk, out at my local B&M. I've smelled it before, and it's cherry aroma is awesome, but was leary. I'll get a dab next time I'm out there and video up the results!

  3. Great video captain! Keep em comin!

  4. try borkumriff cherry liquer tobacco taste and smell awesome

  5. Last cherry I smoked tasted like cherry flavoured cough medicine! Yuck ! Really ruined cherry baccy for me ! Is there a cherry tobacco out there that actually tastes like real cherries? Definitely won’t be smoking any of the stuff you just tried lol and I HATE PROPYLENE GLYCOL!!!!! harsh damn stuff ☹️ I wonder if any of them use vegetable glycerin? Why do they have to add any of that crap ? Oh well lol “ table of awesome “ that’s funny 😜 take care bud ! Peace from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  6. Funny you say it tastes like a cheap cigar because they are the same folks that make black and mild cigars. I have never had a cherry blend that tasted a lot like cherry. Most smell strongly of cherry and the taste is all over the place. I surprised to hear it was dry. Most OTC tobacco is heavily covered in PG to the point you could leave it open for days and it wouldn't dry out. Thanks for sharing. Be well

  7. A very brave choice for a review. well done. May your pipe be full and your matches dry.

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