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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I love this plug can still get it here west of Ireland 22 euros for the plug , I cut it with the same opined, great alternatives are velvan plug or yachtsman plug.

  2. Nice plug tobacco – hard as a brick – smokes great especially when mixed with burley to keep it burning right down the bowl on one light. Shame if it's been discontinued.

  3. Hi, Ichiban. That tobacco sounds good, and it's still available at Black Swan for £12.41 for the 50g plug. At least we never have problems getting hold of pipe tobacco…unlike chew and dip! I say that because the old problem of age verification has started again with The Northerner. I've been trying like mad, over and over again, to order something while free shipping is on, but it just won't work. I thought we had been able to work our way around this problem, as I made several orders successfully while free shipping was last on. How has it been for you?

  4. We have had some good weather this week, perfect for the pipe

  5. How you doing man? Keep up the good videos!

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