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Michael Jordan on His Favorite Smokes & Visiting Cuba

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Michael Jordan discusses his favorite cigar and why he’s waited to visit Cuba.


  1. Mike index finger fucked up

  2. I want to c Mike smoke a cigar with bugs Bunny….lol

  3. The old guy burnt the shit out of his cigars

  4. Basketball legend but just comes across as a dick

  5. Next time u Betta pass that lighter to the goat BITCH!!!!!!

  6. As long as Cuba has that piece of shit communist government who oppresses its people and keeps all the money while their country is a rotting and a destroyed third world country Cuba will remain a shithole where the people are trying to find any route in order to get out of there even if it includes risking their lives crossing the 90 miles dying in the process or going through central america with human smugglers or coyotes who will kill you at any moment and rape anyone who they have. About 95% of the world doesn't know what its like to live in a communist country nor do they know the history of communism and idealogy nor do they know that communism killed 100 million people around the world which is sad.

  7. How the fuck can you be a cigar taster but blast it with a shot of butane? Ruins everything in it, its a big difference

  8. GOAT loves the Partagas authentic Cuban cigar!

  9. NBA legend no , the greatest ever to do it .

  10. Someone who truly deserves a lifetime of cigars.

  11. Michael Jordan was on steroids.

  12. Dude sets the lighter down and makes MJ reach across the table to get it. What a putz!

  13. Wtf is that guy doing to that cigar? Jesus man. He charred half the cigar while lighting it

  14. Imagine Jordan sometimes use to smoke before games and still use to kick ass

  15. The body language in this interview seems off. They both acting like a boss. Must be the cigars!

  16. Smoking and drinking with the Goat…

  17. I'll never subscribe to Cigar Aficionado ever again , Marvin Shanken is all about himself…how he runs the Big Smoke event in Las Vegas is terrible ! I've tried emailing & written letters to him voicing my concerns and not once did he respond. Far as I'm concerned he can stick that Cuban cigar up his ass ! btw for a magazine called Cigar Aficionado he has no clue how to even light a cigar , shows how rude he is not even passing the lighter to MJ.

  18. He wants to flood Cuba with Jordans.

  19. This dude didn't even pass the torch…

  20. Michael Jordan doesn't really seem like a very likeable guy

  21. Just a boss in every sense of the word

  22. I never seen him just chill and talk.

  23. Jordans hands are massive. His fingers wrapped halfway around the ball when he palmed it.

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