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Micallef Herencia Cigar Review at Gun Range

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Micallef Herencia cigar review handcrafted by the Gomez- Sanchez and Micallef Family in Esteli, Nicaragua
A special box pressed torpedo delivers a full-flavor blend of 5 to 10 year aged rare tobaccos to greet your palate with poise and character. Notes of white spice and semi-sweet smoke burn evenly and part with a bright finish.

Strength • Medium to Full

Format • Torpedo (52 x 5 1/2″) – Box Pressed

a. Wrapper: Maduro Pennsylvania USA Broad Leaf (Today’s review)

b. Wrapper: Habano Nicaragua Cuban Seed

Binder: Sumatra Ecuador

Filler: Gómez Sánchez House Reserve Secret Blend

Visit to see where you can enjoy a Micallef cigar near you. Find out more at


  1. pls learn to inhale before u do smoking video..

  2. you are not a mere women, you are a goddess! <3

  3. As always love your takes on all the different types of sticks available. Thank you for that. I'm also a big fan of guns and ammo, but try and wrap your bottom hand around your primary hand and you'll have more control during recoil than under the mag well. Just a thought best wishes. A fellow enthusiast.

  4. somewhere beyond the infomercial , a babe will inhale

  5. Wow! One of your best videos! What are you shooting? Cigar reviews and guns?!?!? Perfect for The Queens of Cigars

  6. You can do a cigar and pistol paring! What's the best stick for a Glock 9? What about a 45? I see great potential…

  7. Thank you for the great video.  However, being a proficient competitive shooter, you can improve your shooting by adjusting the way you hold your gun.  Your support hand may be a tad low.  Try bringing your support hand higher on the grip. Have your two thumbs together one on top of the other.  Just some food for thought

  8. whenever i use my backyard range, i am always smoking a cigar! A partagas serie d always compliments my shooting experience!

  9. Not sure about your gun cup grip. If there is a malfunction the mag will eject.

  10. Just when I thought that you couldn't possibly get any hotter. Delicia, you were already the most gorgeous lady in the world, but you get sexier with each passing minute. You looked so badass when you were shooting with a cigar in your lovely mouth. Also, your hair looks really beautiful in this video. You are sooooooo freakin' sexy!

  11. Perfection … also have never done both together , will now.. Truly a perfect woman , Big Thumbs UP.. 🙂

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