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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Mi Querida Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Mi Querida Cigar review, blended by Steve Saka in Esteli Nicaragua at the NACSA factory.
Featuring Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. Available in 7 sizes. Delicious smoke with lots of flavor and excellent contruction. Don’t forget to watch the new Cigar VIxen show on Vimeo now and soon to be on Amazon Video.


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  1. Delicia – first, thank you for reviewing the Mi Querida, in regards to the word's meaning – as you well know, it is so common within Spanish for the same words to often means many things even in the same country. I think if you used the phrase most people in Nica would interpret based on the context… but if just asked someone you are familiar with in Nica, what does "Mi Querida" mean they would tell you a "side piece" or secret mistress. I actually debated about not using the word as I got a mixed reactions from some of the women working in the factory, but ultimately I went with it because for me cigars are my mistress so it just felt right. Thanks again!

  2. I'll move their three women and it's OK , sign me up

  3. Gomez from "The Adams Family" TV show used to always call his dear Morticia
    "Mi Querida". He was a cigar smoker on TV back in the mid 60s.
    Happy New Year, Delicia

  4. wow,the eyelashes,the new hair,the makeup…..and the cigar…..and the super sexy dress

  5. beautiful smoke, one of my new favourites . Have a happy new year

  6. you look stunning in this video , great cigar too , willing to try it

  7. you look stunning in this video , great cigar too , willing to try it

  8. nice review love the hair sweetie

  9. Happy New Year, Delicia!, May I Say Mi Querida?

  10. you are very very beautiful

  11. Good review! What is the price point and strength? I'll definitely have to try it

  12. wow u r looking very pretty in black dress. all the best.

  13. Really enjoy your reviews! Many thanks.

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