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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. лошары у нас в России такая сигара обычной считается

  2. You’re an idiot, smoking is not a fucking competition.

  3. You should of roled a blunt with that

  4. talk about nigger lippin it

  5. thats a nice cigar, right there 😉

  6. AHAHHAHAHA kid this cigar is bigger than you…When i see some kid smoking
    just makes me wanna punch his ass, your such a badass when you smoke a

  7. This is awesome man.. when i grow up i will try toooo :D:D:D

  8. looks a litttle wrong.. suspect.

  9. at least the cigar lasts a day.. haha

  10. i just have this felling but i think u smoke

  11. ur not supposed to inhale

  12. @lazarevic95 its not a Cuban, so no, he would not.

  13. That is completey NOT how to light a cigar. Search on here how to light a
    cigar. Trust me it will make the experience way better.

  14. fill that mother fucker with weed

  15. wow this guy doesn’t know how to light or smoke a cigar your not suppose to
    inhale or directly put the lighter right up to the very tip, there meant to
    be enjoyed.

  16. hey if you lite that with aa mach you will get a better smoke

  17. @xbloodwhipx derp

  18. Dude! How long did that take you to finish and how much did it cost? Much

  19. How much that cost? !

  20. wow you should be so proud little boy. you’re going nowere in your life

  21. Fuck man use matches ! Other than that , fuck how did u stay on ur feet
    after that, I mean Im 15 and I’ve done like 4 but my most recent one was
    about 5″ long but a thick ass muhfucka and I shared it with my friend and
    we were di-zzy

  22. u dont put the flame directly to the leaves

  23. That’s one big ass cigar. It almost looks fake haha. What’s it called? I’ll
    have to pick one up.

  24. You’re the one with a ‘fag’ child lover as your profile picture…..

  25. i thought u were black until u got into the light wtf

  26. i’m sorry i’m no cigar smoker but dude it looks like you smoking a terd lol
    haha but its a nice one

  27. @wrestlersdontquit ikr

  28. @xbloodwhipx its a cigar dude

  29. well anyways, you live far away from me where real bitches and gays live..
    so gtfo haha

  30. “This is almost…half an inch….thick… [puts in mouth]” lmao BIG thats
    what she said moment

  31. that would last me atleast a month lol

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