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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. man love the review, i did have a question for you… the Cigar you show
    looks like the MOW not the MOW Ruination?

  2. Great Review! These sticks are amazing. They are distributed by Meier &
    Dutch, and they rock! Not for the bachelor party smoker, but loaded with a
    little of everything. Smoking a Robusto #2 (6/60) as I right this.
    Unbelievable. Great construction, draw, beautiful wrapper, etc….Never had
    a bad one. Got several in my box resting! Awesome!

  3. One of the better blends from AJ IMO. Though the regular MOW is much more
    complex as is the oval cigar. Despite all the ligero there must be at least
    one seco leaf somewhere though. Seems like it would have too many
    combustion issues otherwise. Do you know for sure it’s an all ligero blend?

  4. Luckypbk1 – it does now. When it was originally released when I did the
    review it had the same band. In fact it has gone thru three band changes
    since its original release.

  5. jerry you should smoke a romeo y julieta duke 2009 limited edition….

  6. better than partagas black?? haha. another great review. thanks!

  7. the Ruination has a totally different band than the MOW

  8. you sneak any weed in that cigar? lol

  9. i just got done smoking this cigar, and i too was blown away!!! this is not
    the most expensive cigar i have ever smoked but i think it might be the
    best cigar ive ever smoked. I wish it was cheaper so it could be my
    everyday cigar, but it will defiantly be at least a weekly cigar for me,
    absolutely incredible!!! my mind is BLOWN!!!!

  10. thats a great smoke!!!!

  11. TWSS

  12. always great reviews..Time to go purchase some. Thanks again

  13. lmao ur a funny mother fucker haha im orderin a box right now

  14. Now I know why you have been talking about this cigar so much! I have to
    run out and get some soon!

  15. Would you review diesel unlimited please. I have smoked it, but want to
    hear your take on it.

  16. Latijey – I did enjoy it a “little”. Was it that obvious? LOL

  17. Are you Filipino?

  18. haha “so enjoyable”…… thats what she said

  19. Do you have any idea who is currently distributing this cigar? I manage a
    cigar lounge and can’t seem to locate a local distributor, any suggestions?

  20. Nice review

  21. it is so totally effing, fucking legit hahaha that inspired me to get one

  22. Hey Jerry I have been watching a lot of stogie reviews lately, are there
    any cigars that either you or walt or the other guys just HATED? it just
    seems like almost every one I watch you guys love ’em haha! just wondering.
    great video man.

  23. awesome shirt

  24. Hey Jerry, you enjoyed yourself, didn’t you?

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