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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Man O War Virtue Torpedo Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Man O War Virtue Torpedo Cigar Review This 6.5×52 stick features a very thin fragile velvety soft tan wrapper with small veins, tight seams with slight disco…

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  1. @mgreenbaseall You can bite it if you really must. Carefully.

  2. @ victory01 I just meant I never see it at the local cigar shops here in CA.

  3. i can afford it but im 16…lol kid problems

  4. one question… hoe would you cut a cigar without any cigar tools? Thank
    You and love the Reviews!

  5. @instructorarmijo Just marketing. I actually don’t prefer it, it offers
    zero benefit and only increases the chance of draw and burn problems.

  6. @mgreenbaseall Most people will tell you just to wait until you have a
    cutter, but sometimes its the moment that makes the smoke. A sharp knife
    works alright, but if you dont have a cutter you probably do not have a
    knife either. I use my car key like a punch and just do a little poke

  7. These are delicious.

  8. i used a razor when i was first getting into cigars and couldnt afford a

  9. @ricanboul215 This is an example of a cigar with very different flavors in
    each size.

  10. @frankunleashedd That doesn’t help the actual problem, it just makes an air
    tunnel, it doesn’t solve a knot or hard pack. There is nothing you can do
    for poor construction.

  11. you shouldnt be smokin then kid lol

  12. I got some grassy hay flavor IIRC. I should revisit it tonight. New tiki

  13. That looks like a really great smoke. Another great review!

  14. Great stick!! Man O War underrated company

  15. Another fantastic review.

  16. how old wore you when you started smoking

  17. @UKwoods That’s because outside the US (where I am making my videos and
    reviews) the cigar market is almost exclusively Cuban. Reverse is true
    here. Everyone not in the US will find it hard to get US cigars.

  18. @cigarobsession fair point I had this stick in robusto which gave me
    personally more of a pepper taste which wasnt over powering and I find
    these cigars to differ in flavors throughout all there cigars

  19. @victory01 Nope same torches

  20. Great review Bryan. I found mine to have much more grassy/hay notes with a
    touch of pepper throughout the smoke. I tend to prefer a much more solid
    smoke but this one is a great “Breakfast” cigar. Keep the great review

  21. great cigar I got more of a pepper flavor from it but overall i would agree
    its a good blend of flavors and no strength

  22. @haxhaxhax underrated by who?

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