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Man O War Side Project Little Devil Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Man O War Side Project Little Devil Cigar Review This 5.5×44 stick features a mottled dark chocolate wrapper with an even spongy give, slightly oily and toot…

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  1. Yeah, he’s got a nice setup there. I like when he’s got the torches going 🙂

  2. Not sure why you say That your “cigar is getting a little to hot & that
    that’s were you’re going to end it”? But then right after your take another
    draw? I’ve seen this done over & over & it don’t make much sense. O.o

  3. Light the torches!

  4. Finally!

  5. Lol!

  6. Bryan do you smoke any of your own cigars anymore or just ones people and
    companies send you?

  7. That fence sure has a lot of character, WOW ! i would find myself looking
    at all the mossy planks flecked with pieces of white paint more than the
    cigar itself. Cheers on the video Brian

  8. Bryan Glynn

  9. To close the video.

  10. sounds great

  11. All of the AJ stix are top notch for the price. Let them site in the humi
    for a few months and they get better.

  12. Nice review. IMO AJ. Fernandez doesn’t make a bad stick.

  13. you spelled his name wrong -__-* its Glynn and Bryan

  14. Do you watch sopranos? They smoke very good looking cigars in that show 🙂

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