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Making fire with empty lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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how to make fire with an empty BIC lighter, similar to the firesteel, flint and steel method. music from youtube AudioSwap Ukelele Ladies artist: Elfed Hayes…


  1. Thanks, Not seen it done this way before. Great

  2. @OutdoorsIsFun music from youtube AudioSwap Ukelele Ladies artist: Elfed
    Hayes album: ANW1192 – Fun, Quirky, Happy 2 length: 1:23 label: Audio
    Network plc genre: Acoustic

  3. whaz up with the weird canm thingy mabober

  4. Maybe one day you will save my life with this trick! thanks a lot bro!

  5. whats the song called?

  6. usually carry a few of these lighter on a camping trip. if i have to pull
    this trick, i’m in deep shit.

  7. brilliant m8 subbed

  8. not working with a bic lighter with looseleaf

  9. @maximillianof98 thanks for the headsup i was curious about exactly that
    …Brilliant video too thanks for sharing

  10. @OriginalJosh01 thanks. take note an empty lighter can still light fire
    this way for about 10 times, before running out of flint.

  11. New survival tool on how to make fire Check!

  12. Very cool – you used the firesteel that is contained in the lighter

  13. That’s unique. Iv never seen some one do that

  14. cool trick for camping

  15. haha that was great man!

  16. That’s not bic lighter

  17. wow i subbed its awsome M8

  18. iv’e never seen a bic lighter like that but cool trick thanks!

  19. @maximillianof98 thanks man and that was pretty cool btw

  20. just get a zippo and keep flints and fuel and keep a bic on hand for backup

  21. 2 words Fire steel

  22. Great idea.

  23. this is the music on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube haha.

  24. cool

  25. Best cigarette I’ve ever smoked.

  26. I learned a new survival skill

  27. cool

  28. cool

  29. cool

  30. cool

  31. cool

  32. cool

  33. cool

  34. cool

  35. cool

  36. cool

  37. cool

  38. cool

  39. cool

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