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Make a Mini Cannon from a Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Here is how to turn a BBQ lighter into a mini cannon sized for airsoft pellets. Be sure to leave me a comment, rate, and subscribe! If you really like my vid…


  1. So I’ve tried making this cannon, followed the steps exactly.. somehow I
    cannot get the peizo to ignite inside the lighter tube even with a spark
    across both screws.. I am thinking somehow I drilled the bolt hole too big
    to where it’s not tightly air sealed when I manually replace it. other than
    that I can’t imagine what I did wrong.. this is a gift for someone, please


  3. 1 is it leagal 2 can i put BB gun bullets in and shoot at friends

  4. It’s like a flintlock airsoft gun, lol. Kinda.

    Would the beebee be hot when you shot it?

  5. What if i use a cotton swab that has been soaked in kerosene instead?

  6. why not fill the inside with acetone so that It burns up all the gas but
    not the liquid becuase it ate the oxygen?

  7. Am I the only one gettin a boner right now?

  8. Can we use any flammable spray like axe product,hairspray,or wd40 for fuel
    in the gas compartment 

  9. i have time for make this

  10. if i dont have any hot glue, can i use duct tape to insulate the screws

  11. Dis dude gotta nasty ass thumb

  12. Two suggestions. You could also convert this similar to your bull pup air
    soft gun… Or also you could use two lighters, your cannon plus the second
    one (here’s the good part) for the fuel? Configure it as a T shape and then
    it even looks like a gun? 

  13. You can actually use any sturdy bottle with a screw top cap I made one in
    this fashion because my lighter’s tank was too small

  14. your so awesome

  15. You may as well make a PVC spud gun. More bang for your buck.

  16. why do you need to put rubbing acholl in it

  17. Can u use the fuel from the lighter as the fuel to fire the cannon?

  18. I tried to make this and I followed each step carefully but it will not
    fire. I saw the spark jump across the screws but nothing is
    happening Please answer im desperate 

  19. .can it be used with out robing alcohol 

  20. +NightHawkInLight Can that “Piazo Electric Igniter” light kindling for a
    fire in a survival situation?? That thing could be an essential!



  23. Aint nobody got time for that

  24. What kind of lighter is he using?
    Nice vid by the way..

  25. Nice vid but mine does not work. I used the scripto lighter that you
    suggested and all of the things like 91% alchol and it doesn’t make the
    bullet go out… Help pls??

  26. “Cutting along the safety sticker” those are my favorite words.

  27. Can jou make a giveaway from that mini guns

  28. Sick. And easy. Would it possibly fit back in the original lighter case? Or
    could you make it fit? That would make it extra cool ad people wouldn’t
    think twice about what it is and then you can make it look awesome and

  29. mini gu

  30. In indonesia, we have a LARGER version of this cannon, and ours looks like
    a mini bazooka. its called “Lodong”. Kids usually play this LOUD “toy” when
    its new year.

  31. I shot it and did everthing right I didn’t work

  32. Lol you say reservoir like an idiot 

  33. big like

  34. GG mec 

  35. I did this and it didn’t work there was a lightning shock between the
    screws but it didn’t shoot the bb. And I used 70% alcohol.

  36. is it possible that it doesn’t work with ZIPPO (the lighter fuel) ?

  37. Looks like we had a bigger version of this cannon called the “Boga”. It’s a
    much larger PVC cannon and was designed just to make noise rather than
    shoot anything and also uses sprayed (rather than swabbed) alcohol.
    However, authorities have banned this because no one can guarantee it is

  38. Hey,
    I’ve tried to make this but i couldnt find such a big butane container so i
    used a small bottle from some pills and a small butane bottle from a
    lighter connected to the bottle so i could just press a button to let the
    gas inside. I’ve did the rest just like you, 2 screws connected to a
    piezoelectrical igniter from the ligther.
    Everything should work, the gas is in, the spark is very visible but it
    When i close the bottle with a cap then it just doesnt work, there is the
    spark and all but it just doesnt light up the gas. When i open the bottle
    however, it does !
    So i think that is some problem with air, and firing it without the cap is
    just pointless because the strength of the explosion is too small to even
    fire out the dart. Any ideas ?

  39. Don’t do it inside it exploted on me

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