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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Yea they cigar is great and the wild turkey is sure wild

  2. Cigar looks great. Funny you should bring up golf. Golfed yesterday for the
    first time in about 4 years..remembered quickly why I stopped. I’d rather
    smoke a cigar in peace lol. The wedding will come quick, stay calm, it’s a
    stressful time. Keep up the great videos. Cheers

  3. AngryChin! Jonathan is correct, it is a Perfecto. It is an interesting
    shape, like a tapered turd! They are a great smoke though. Peace! -Emile

  4. hey chinster you cant go wrong with a good Macanudo and I used to drink
    wild turkey a lot not an expert but I would say the cigar is a perfecto.

  5. Hey buddy, your rocking the Macanudo’s lately, awesome stuff. Best of luck
    with the wedding, that’s awesome. I was glad when mine was all done, what a
    racket! Wild Turkey is a strong bourbon, I have had the same bottle for
    over 10 years.LOL

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