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Macanudo 1968 Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Macanudo 1968 Robusto Cigar Review This 5×50 cigar features a dark chocolate wrapper with a slight red hue, slight imperfections, small veins, tight seams, a…


  1. Bryan, I encourage you to do more Macanudos…I know their regular line is
    fairly mild, but I would still like to know what you get as a flavor
    profile :)

  2. #cigars just finished this fine cigar and I can’t explain the taste better
    than this man but GREAT SMOKE.
    Macanudo 1968 Robusto Cigar Review

  3. #cigars just finished this fine cigar and I can’t explain the taste better
    than this man but GREAT SMOKE.
    Macanudo 1968 Robusto Cigar Review

  4. @cigarobsession Wait! You said ‘this morning we’ll be…’ and it’s pitch
    black outside! You must of been up at 4:00am!

  5. Bought the Corona version of this for £8.99 for my first cigar yesterday.
    Very enjoyable and very enticing!

  6. I tried this cigar after watching. Every flavor you said I got the same. I
    was very suprised with the chocolate not only did I taste it I caught a
    smell of it. I have very good taste buds and not all cigars taste the same.

  7. haahaha es albur? lol

  8. I have to admit, your reviews have always been spot on and wonderful to
    tune into. Thanks for the beautiful analyses and constant flow of
    interesting and new ones to try. Sounds like one I’ll be picking up. Thanks

  9. I just tried this today after keeping them (bought a five pack) in my
    humidor for a month, and I’m very impressed. I’ve never had a bad
    Mancanudo, and this is certainly no exception. I got more of a mocha coffee
    flavor out of it about the middle of it, and it’s just a great smoke.

  10. hahahahahaha i watch his videos all the time but this, sir, this had me in

  11. 1:17 I agree just smoked it yesterday, lasted 2 hours and the ash held over
    30 minutes

  12. Keep on smokin’ those acids then!

  13. Lets be honest people, i have been smoking cigars for 10 years and cigars
    really dont have this much flavor depth they all taste somewhat similar,
    this guy makes it seem like hes smoking a cigar from willy wonkas chocolate

  14. That’s the first time I have sat down to watch a bloke smoke a cigar. Quite
    relaxing, in an odd kind of way! (Said as a non-smoker).

  15. good review…. ive been waiting for a video review by someone on this
    cigar before i tried one. Their line is generally too mild for my taste,
    but ever since the 68′ came out, ive been intrigued, but havent gotten the
    guts to drop $7 on one in a cigar shop when i could buy something i know i
    like instead.

  16. Me and my husband love to watch the videos.And we both love to smoke them.
    I love cigars

  17. I’ve been smoking cigars for a while and I must say that is a very good
    cigar. I’m not sure why this guy say it has a chocolate flavor It’s has a
    very strong aroma which I love. The stronger the aroma the better it is for
    me. I smoke the gigante, length 6 and ring 60. The cigar burns very evenly
    all the way down. Very nice cigar!

  18. i like smoking shit cigars while drinking beer because it makes beer taste

  19. Wow, you can buy this one in the UK, lol.

  20. Smoking one right now. Yeah uh, my pallet isn’t quite that refined. That
    being said, it’s a good stick. Draw, construction, all very good. Good
    solid flavor and no harshness. Bryan, on a side note, i dont know how you
    don’t hate being up still at sunrise from the previous day. Lol. That shit
    kills me. Good review brother.

  21. @Silentjackal yep

  22. @cigarobsession Now that is dedication to the cause! Enjoying the videos
    though I’ve commented on a couple that I (and several others) would like to
    see your opinions on what you would recommend for those just entering the
    world of cigars, what you would suggest and what to branch on to from
    there! Thanks, great videos.

  23. Some people unfortunately have a palate that does make it very hard to
    taste the nuances. Other’s simply smoke incorrectly. Watch my How To Smoke
    video for lots of tips to maximize flavor. But you may certainly be one of
    the few that can’t physically taste everything in the cigars. Millions of
    people enjoy these kinds of flavors in their cigars every day.

  24. I always enjoy your reviews … they are to the point .. Informative….
    and your cigar choices are varied….Thanks, keep up the good work! ☺

  25. I agree the regular line is too mild for my taste but this one – I will
    actually buy.

  26. That cigar is fantastic just smoked one tonight.7.70$i recommend it

  27. Back a year ago, when I was still relatively new to smoking, I took one of
    these from my dads humidor and put it in a glass tube with some almond
    tequila. aged it for a good 6 months and smoked it. it was absolutely
    amazing. unfortunately, it was too short. so for my cousins birthday, I
    bought a box of toros and dipped them in amaretto, infusing them for 6
    months. the results are unknown yet, for his bday is in a few weeks, but it
    promises to be very good.

  28. The cigarshop owner of my regular shop recommended this one to me today. I
    bought 4 sticks, going to light up the first one in a few hours. I’m
    curious about their flavors. They come highly recommended on the internet,
    by you, and by my cigarshop… can’t wait.

  29. Be honest with yourself, maybe your palate is jacked? Have you smoked the
    particular cigar he is reviewing? If not, how do you know it doesn’t taste
    the way he is describing it?

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