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Mac Baren vanilla flake pipe tobacco review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Hey guys, this is a review on the Macbaren vanilla flake. If you guys have any tips as to how to smoke this better please comment! It tastes great just having a hell of a time keeping it lit. Thanks and subscribe!

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  1. Many flakes come too wet to enjoy properly. Give it a day or so on a napkin, flipping it and moving it to a fresh spot on the napkin from time to time and this should cut the moisture most likely responsible for the hot smoke. Also I wouldn't rub it out too much. Might want to stick to the fold and stuff. It ensures a slower, cooler burn. May every smoke center you. Big Poppa Puff

  2. Thanks man, I had another round the next day but left it out and had better results, thanks!

  3. Rub the Flake out, then leave it to dry before you pack the bowl. Also, 'sip' the pipe, smoke slowly. Hope that helps mate.

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