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Long vs. Short Filler Cigars

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Long Filler VS Short Filler


crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana


  1. Did you notice, that Bradley NEVER touches a cigar with bis little finger??

  2. Dana should have a show she's awesome

  3. Great video, good job to Dana on laying out reasons to smoke short filler–especially because Dana says so!

  4. Ageing! a short filler dosnt get better with time as a long filler does.

  5. Stinky Dana 😆😂🤣. Bradley, you should get a shirt that says stinky Dana with an arrow pointing at her. Lol.

  6. Bradley and Dana should do another Video with Tim once and awhile

  7. Chase money not dreams… 9 times out of 10 my dreams are about money

  8. I’ve quit all tabaco products, still love y’all. Probably gonna go once a month in the later future

  9. usually i smoke short filler as an every day cigar while working, my long fillers are more my place cigar, to enjoy slowly, having a drink, listening to some jazz, rock and roll or power ballads. Love them both but i enjoy more the taste in a long filler.

  10. i smoke Texas Sweets by Finck cigar company. anybody tried their product before? im looking to step up my cigar game and looking for something stronger with more flavor. any recommended ?

  11. Are cigars advertised as short vs long filler? If i did want to buy short filler, how would i know what my choices are at the Tobacconist?

  12. We'll take a lazy stinky Dana over a sweet smell'n full figured Bradley any day. Lol

  13. I’m just looking for my dad

  14. I love that Dana is on the show now. I know Tim identified as a millennial but he was still a lot older than me so it’s nice seeing another young person in the videos. Seems about every time I go into a lounge they assume I’m just looking and don’t have an idea what I’m doing since I don’t have a gray beard.

  15. CAO flavored cigars are tje best short filler cigars ive tried. havent tried many tho

  16. I recently purchased a bundle of 20 Alec Bradley Prensados at a significant discount from the boxes. Should I suspect that these bundled cigars are short filled?

  17. Its difficult to be wrong when you are sooooo pretty and have such a great smile. 😎 she could ice cubes to the Eskimos.

  18. Where have y'all been? we need more of your content.

  19. What are the some great short fillers to have on hand?

  20. Imagine Dana high lol, those eyes would be funny

  21. You guys are the best! always look forward to your videos…Have a great weekend…Just placed my order 🙂

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