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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Logan Paul CAUGHT SMOKING W33D! #DramaAlert Erika Costell Shows SNAKE TAIL! KSI vs Alex Wassabi

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  1. Mary jane is not a drug its a erb/plant

  2. Why does smoking weed only become news if famous people do it lol?

  3. Weed isn't a big deal people should be more worried about alcohol or tobacco

  4. Logan is of coursely depressed for having to post daily vlog

  5. You are famous off of peoples channels


  7. How many times do you want to use logan paul and jake paul for views

  8. Why would you share this publicly? That is his business. Weed is not dangerous. All it does is makes time take longer and makes you paranoid.

  9. Meh let's just let Logan smoke if he wan't to I mean he is still a human who does what he want's no hate to keemstar tho

  10. All that vegan food taste better with weed.

  11. Logan and Jake are still relevant?

  12. Fuck you!!!!!!!! With your intro

  13. That worse than doing cocaine

  14. It’s not D.A.R.E it’s L.E.A.D

  15. And you gay cause you said Ill 😷 to her booty

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