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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Some friends on here wanted to know some cigar bang for your buck value sticks. Some of my fav are Casa Magna Cao La Traviata Don Pepin My Father Oliva Fuent…


  1. Thank you for sharing some good less exspensive cigars. Im trying to get
    into the better cigars but money is tight.

  2. cool vid my friend……always love them…….

  3. @Matches860 LOL Im just offering a few go to of mine that are great value
    for your buck, there are many more great ones for the price

  4. good vid beans. been getting some good cigars from cigars international for
    some good prices.

  5. do u smoke cigaretts

  6. Question ? Why is there a pop up ad in my vid ? Im no partner with utube

  7. @41DegreesSouth No problem, these are just a few that are really great value

  8. Thanks for the vid bro. I am still confused about the humidor thing. I know
    my plastic one probably works fine but a wood one is so much classier…
    maybe you could do a vid on humidor styles in the future? ever heard of
    that place i posted a link to? that thompson cigars or whatever it was?

  9. @wonderwaffle65 UMMMMMM HELL NO

  10. Just starting to test the waters with a couple of cigars – thanks for
    pointing me in the right direction.

  11. I guess the Garcia Vega’s I bought for my CT shade tobacco video aren’t the
    best thing out there huh? I actually got a charge out of the one I smoked

  12. Cool man. Thanks for the list. I’ll be checking this out. Be nice to have
    an everyday (or so) cigar that don’t break the bank. Take care, Jay

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