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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Linda reviews the WickiePipe Lighter (older review)

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Another old video that I couldn’t seem to find on my page – here’s my review for the WICKIEPIPE! A lot of you loved this piece, and with great reason – it’s …

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  1. were can i get one, because i looked in amazon and i couldnt find one. and
    hey does it keep the smell low key?

  2. Hi Linda, I have the all in one, just love it !! cant fill it though,
    please help

  3. Linda, you’re awesome. Glad I found your channel :-)

  4. PO Box is a must! Post office can notify you when you receive mail too by

  5. sei molto carina

  6. i did say i still use it, right? 🙂

  7. great reviews as always! This is a genius little device. If i have an idea
    for a product, would you know anyone who would be interested in developing
    it with me?

  8. Have you tried the Plenty?

  9. i bought a wickiepipe after you made this video. i’ve had it for almost 2
    years now and i still love it! thanks!

  10. hahahahaha 😀 not a bad idea…

  11. young? this was two years ago… *smh*

  12. gracias 😉

  13. My Post Office introduce text notification early this year. When its put
    into your box or package is awaiting pickup, a text gets sent. Its
    automatic when its scanned, in response to getting a po box.

  14. its cool but smoking weed is fun therefore dont you want a fun piece 🙂

  15. not sure what that’s in response to…. but even with a PO Box, you only
    get notified if the people at the post office care enough about their jobs
    to do it. Mine doesn’t do shit…

  16. i believe it depends on what type of product – I know people that work in
    product development, manufacturing and distribution of all sorts of
    devices… 🙂

  17. i love classic young linda

  18. no built in eyedrops? lol

  19. haha awesome!!! I still use mine!!!! 😀

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