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Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas Petit Corona Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas Petit Corona Cigar Review This 4.5×44 (including pigtail) stick featured a dark chcolate dry, toothy wrapper with a fir…

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  1. thank you taylor i tried the pull it made it 5x better

  2. Yay! Been waiting on this review. Any more Liga Privada reviews on the way?

  3. I enjoyed these …… Nice to have a quick smoke every now and then

  4. Awesome review Bryan. Just got a 4-pack of these yesterday plus a T-52.
    Will be my first experience in the Liga Privada line.

  5. Hey, I’m a beginner and I’ve been watching your videos every day. What do
    you mean by tight visible seems? I tried looking it up online and I’m sure
    I’m misspelling it but what does that mean? Thanks and keep up the videos,
    I personally enjoy them very much!

  6. the name of the cigar is complete joke. IN english would be ; Private
    League Unique Series French Fries (or Potatoes Chip) little corona

  7. Great short smoke cigar.

  8. ya these are perfect when you want to enjoy a nice smoke but only have
    minimal time like a lunch break

  9. as much as I want to try this stick and love Liga…..I will never pay $7
    for a petite short filler corona…its the the principal of it LOL

  10. Good review. I got the same flavor profiles. But for the price there are a
    dozen cigars with better flavor profiles.

  11. bryan’s looking slim

  12. Haha “papas fritas” french fries in spanish

  13. INvisible. Meaning the wrapper is done very nicely without gaps.

  14. or Unique Private League, French Fries Series

  15. Great cigar, but if they’d drop the metal tin, the cost would be lesser &
    easier to buy. The fact of paying $5-6 for a SF cigar doesnt sit well with

  16. I agree with you about the ring gauge Bryan. I avoid anything bigger than
    50, 52 max

  17. Great review Bryan! One note: we do actually sort all of the trimmed
    portions that we use in the Papas Fritas before rolling them. We believe
    that this makes the flavor much more consistent from cigar to cigar vs
    other mixed filler cigars. Glad you enjoyed it. – Johnny Brooke, Drew
    Estate Cigars

  18. This.

  19. the french fry corona cigar wut? lmfao

  20. Actually according to JD even though it’s short filled it’s actually
    blended just like a long fill stick. They sort the trimmings by individual
    leaf type so they can sort of have a similarly blended cigar. Really time
    consuming hence the high relative price for what it is

  21. These sticks taste like heaven…

  22. Fun fact Bryan… Both your cigar obsession and HLO videos were 6:46 today!

  23. I just started smoking cigars I recently bought some cigar from the
    Philippines and really enjoined them but know I don’t know where to from
    here can you recommend cigars to try

  24. ..who is this more “energetic reviewer” who took Bryan’s place? The HLO is
    WORKING! 🙂

  25. When I started watching Bryan’s videos last summer, I could’ve sworn he was
    saying “tight and visible seams”. It wasn’t until I saw it written out that
    I knew what he was saying. 😛

  26. agree.. looks you are dropping some weight… way to go

  27. Just bought a couple of these. I’m a big Liga fan but sometimes I need a
    cigar I can smoke in roughly 30-45min. This sounds perfect!

  28. Just curious what would you recommend thats comparable to this papas
    fritas? Thx..

  29. Ohhhh thanks for the quick reply!

  30. It’s completely personal choice. Thee is no ‘supposed to. I prefer to cut
    them to avoid any potential damage and to always have the best opening.

  31. Awesome review!

  32. Great review Bryan! This is one of my favorite short time sticks. Enjoy the
    Liga Privada in general.

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