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Liga Privada No. 9 cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Drew estate Liga Privada no 9 corona doble cigar review
Liga privada no 9 cigar review

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  1. How would you rate this compared to the CI Legend by Drew Estate? The legend is my favorite stick.

  2. I just had the Liga no 9 for the first time myself last week. Heard so much hype for so long, I finally decided to try it myself. I felt the same way as you apparently did. It was a very nice cigar. Well constructed, good flavors, etc., but not really on my personal favorites list. Definitely worth a try, but I’m not going to be smoking it regularly.

  3. One of my favorites. Always have a box on hand.

  4. Enjoyed this review Tatum good job will for sure I will try thanks Tatum

  5. Will you do a review on the Tatuaje Avion???

  6. Try the pappy van Winkle from Drew estate it's a bit pricey as well but it's one of Drew estate's best

  7. Always a good cigar. Doble = Dough-Blay. Good job on the review.

  8. Another fantastic review Tatum 🙂

  9. By the way. Don’t change what you are doing. It is a unique style and is very refreshing

  10. Good cigar but the price point keeps me from buying them regularly. You should check out a RomaCraft Cro Magnon. Trust me you will love it

  11. Your reviews are fantastic!! Great in-depth detail of the flavors and the overall smoking experience tells me exactly what to look for in each cigar and of course you look very sexy smoking them!! 😀👍

  12. Great cigar I like the rough camera work only thing to make it better would be a live voice not a voice over. Keep up the good work

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