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Liga Muerte Rosado Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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The Liga Muerte Rosado is a Cigars Daily Exclusive brand that we’re really proud of. It’s become a fan favorite on, and now I’m finally putting it through a full review. Lets see if it scores points in a review as well as it does with everyone else…

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  1. Hey Tim! I finally placed my first order with Cigars Daily earlier this week. Bought the 8 pack sampler of your exclusives and a few other things. Purchased Monday morning and the cigars arrived at my doorstep in Oklahoma by Wednesday afternoon. Got a good deal on some awesome smokes with BY FAR the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced. Super happy. Thank you so much! I will most definitely be ordering from you guys again.

    Ps I actually like the website. It’s pretty unique, in a good way.

  2. L.M. are great cigars!🚬

  3. Are there any flavored cigars like coffee infused or any for that matter for beginers ?

  4. could you do a review on the colosso or colossus cigar you mentioned before ( the 8×60)

  5. Thought that was a Zeppelin shirt at first lol

  6. Hey Tim I like watching your videos and ordering cigars from the website. You seem happier after every video you do. Keep it up brother

  7. Just smoked one yesterday. Can't complain. Great stick for a great price. Would smoke them any day of the week. Great video Tim. Have a great Day.

  8. I absolutely love all your CD Exclusives!

  9. The way you light cigars is so majestic

  10. God bless you Tim, I'm sorry but I had to have a giggle watching the smoke cascade over your bald head at 1:251:30 😉

  11. I have tried the original liga muerte sad because it kept going out 🙁 made it about half way) tasted good but boy did it have some vitamin N (shout out to BTCG) i like big strong cigars, romacraft cromagnon, asylum 13 ogre gordo, lfd cameroon cabinet, etc. But it knocked me out

  12. Do a video where you roll a cigar and smoke it on video

  13. Where does one get that Cigars Daily cigar holder?

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