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Liga Muerte Oscuro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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What do you think of the Liga Muerte Oscuro? Leave a comment down below.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this, I've been waiting for a while. Personally I absolutely enjoyed this stick and am glad I bought a 5 pack from you. If you banded this thing, I'd buy a whole bundle! Maybe you could even sell some bands separately to those who want to put them on their 'gars? Just a thought.

  2. If you put bands on please consider using self-adhesive instead of glue

  3. The more I smoke this cigar the more I love it! For me this cigar is what I smoke when I want a Liga Pravda #9 but don't want to pay that price at that time. Would love to see that logo on a band, it would top off the visual part of cigars!

  4. I came over from tnt and I was wondering what happened to the big stick you made?

  5. Add the band exactly as shown on the cello.

  6. Tim have you been to bootleggers in scotsdale yum yum

  7. I do know where the real filthy viking is hes on cigars daily yeah.

  8. Can anyone tell me how this compares to the box pressed rebellion? I jus ordered the box pressed and liga rosado plus the zibra the other day just want to know what to expect thanks

  9. Im havin my naked torpedo from my guy tim at tnt ah lass poor tim i knew him well.i wonder where he is now.

  10. I prefer not having a band on a cigar. No chance of damaging the wrapper.

  11. That’s a fantastic stick! I pair it with Basil Hayden’s. Really stands out in the humidor with its dark and oily wrapper next to my Liga Zebras!

  12. This Cigar scored an 88 for My Husband and an 89 for Myself in our Cigars Daily Executives book.
    Absolutely a fantastic Cigar. I love the rich and full punch of this Cigars notes.

  13. I was thinking about getting a box of davidoff gold, they are a small cigar, quick smoke, do you recommend those?

  14. Will there be a video on the Cigars Daily business? Is it doing as well as you thought/hoped, is it not? WIll there be any partnerships we can expect in the future? etc..

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