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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Lex12 Menthol Chrome Little Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Hey can you do a Criss Cross Mini Filtered Cigar review? I personally like
    vanilla just saying

  2. Love the goopy goops phrase you use man.

  3. Hey Dan, please use your realcigreview engraved zippy lighter

  4. Slits in the filter that draw air in as you take a drag.

  5. don’t you DARE talk about my children like that

  6. Review newport 100s

  7. he only makes videos for 1 year and thnks asshole because of your profile
    picture l broke my laptop screen

  8. if you like black licorice you’d love the juice I’ve been vaping lately its
    black licorice grape its amazing lol.

  9. hey dan if u haven’t tried peter Jackson blues I could send u a pack man I
    have no problem with it

  10. Another great review, as per the usual. Great job Dan!

  11. hey what’s up nigga

  12. nah it was a MINT review 😉

  13. Plz dan do a review on my brand usa l&m menthol. Wud love to hear ur
    thoughts on my brand

  14. Thanks!

  15. Give us “Nostril Cam”!

  16. no. ive been here for a year or 2 and he has yet to do rolling vids .

  17. He died?

  18. youtube s best tobacco reviewer is dan. bar none


  20. Sweet metal stash container, btw here in Amsterdam those cigars with filter
    attached are becoming the rage, alot of ladies offer them to me, and
    whenever I accept one (my dad used to smoke cigars in the car when I was a
    kid and I didn’t like it) I just inhale and drag the smoke down into my
    lungs, not always, btw I can’t fresh exhale like Snoop Lion but I can blow
    a smoke ring or two like Gandalf without using a pipe btw.

  21. Thanks for another awesome review, Dan!

  22. Had my first pack today. They’re not too bad.

  23. hey dan! could you do a review of Cheyannes? they are little cigars like
    lex, but they are very cheap. a lot of my friends who dont even like
    smoking tobacco enjoy Cheyannes. thanks!

  24. ehh i feel bad for you. =

  25. 4th

  26. hey what’s up nigga

  27. that’s my son

  28. hey man you should shout out SmokingEssy7887 he deserves the community’s

  29. every one has to die

  30. Are his nails painted?

  31. Thanks for the great inspiring smoke sessions Dan!

  32. No way you live in grand junction too sweet!!

  33. Whats a good ultra light menthol?

  34. Try the USA reds dan i think you will like them (:

  35. Hey Dan. Great review. I liked it so much. Good job, man. Congrats.

  36. Hey dan review Swisher ecigs they have three kinds of ecigs

  37. HE’S NOT DEAD GUYS..Gosh

  38. he doesn’t do roll your own cigarettes because in many previous videos he
    says he won’t do chew or rolling tobacco because he doesn’t get a good
    flavour from roll your own cigarettes and he had a bad experience with chew
    as a child

  39. I’m new to smoking can anyone please tell me for how long you light up the
    mini cigar for 5seconds ? And how long do you pull while lighting it up for

  40. You should ask skyler if he had ever smoked underage! It would problably be
    on have a smoke and relax.. It would be funny lol nice review bro! 🙂

  41. Also dan i wanted to see if e cigs have had the same effect of you.
    whenever i pick up a cigarette it feels so light weight that i barly feel
    it there.

  42. you’re a faggot.

  43. They sell them a bunch of online retailers, smokes shops and retail
    locations. They have a store locator on the website.

  44. I’m puerto rican an gotta say I’m a very avid cigar smoker and yo your
    reviews are fuckin awesome packed with knowledge and great and honest
    reviews keep it up I’m watchin some of ur shit now bro while I’m smokin on
    some phillie 100s at my lunch break

  45. send him some..

  46. this dude does…. anyways who cares what you think you look like a faggot

  47. i wanna see you do review on hookahs it’ll be cool to see u do that. Not
    Your Son PLEASE (No Offence)

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