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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Leon Jimenes Prestige Churchill cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Leon Jimenes Prestige Churchill cigar review
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  1. I am a tobacco pipe smoker but as you have heard Dunhill and McClellan have stopped producing tobacco products, so I will be filling in with your suggesting expertise and try some cigars, thanks for the good pointers keep your video's rolling

  2. Which typa lighter do ya use?

  3. I've watched a number of your videos and really like that, for the most part, you use a "punch" as opposed to a cutter. All personal choice, but I like a punch myself. Since you reviewed this particular Churchill brand, have you ever tried the Ashton Churchill? My personal favorite when I indulge (about $10.50 a stick locally). A nicely colored Connecticut shade wrapper, with a mild and flavorful draw, even burn, and lots of smoke. Very enjoyable. I would love to get your take on one of these, if you can find them. Keep up the good work! Cheers, D.B. :))

  4. Perfection …… absolutely delicious.

  5. Just found your YOU TUBE HOW long you been smoking cigars

  6. U look like a newer smoker I could be wrong I'm just guessing cuz you look young definitely a few sticks I'd try if I were you would be Sobremesa, casa magna, Padron 1964, Arturo Fuentes Anejo, montecristo number 2 cuban, and if you're looking for a real smooth cigar baccarat it was one of my first cigars and its amazing they're around 5-8 dollars depending where u buy they have ones 9×52 I don't usually nub cigars especially when they're that long but damn it was too good to put down

  7. Forget cigar vixen you're the up and coming gorgeous female cigar reviewer I'd smoke a stogie with u any day…or a joint

  8. Churchill's my fave vitola, Tatum!

  9. love watching lady cigar lovers nice videos review

  10. Those deep hollows on your cheek are beyond attractive, I'm just speechless! 😉

  11. keep em coming! Nice, thoughtful reviews

  12. Two questions: (1) What sort of lighter do you use? (2) How did you get into cigars? It's not an especially common pastime among women.

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