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LEAF by Oscar Sumatra Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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I smoke and review the LEAF by Oscar in the Sumatra blend and Toro size. Check out my written review and much more at:

Also, if you would like to help me complete my cigar smoking room renovation, swing by my GoFundMe page at:

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  1. really loving these reviews brother …keep up the great work !

  2. black pepper and red pepper wow. I only get at most 2 flavors out of a good cigar how in world this people get all this notes out of a cigar?.

  3. you need way way more subs Mr stog

  4. Beard looks awesome bro!

  5. What the professionals say in Cuba that you can not taste 5 to 10 flavors in one cigar even you are a heavy smoker , professional cigar smoker or wthvr.
    as you mentioned : Caramel , cedar, earthy , spicy,black pepper, leather, creamy,fruity,coffee flavors in one cigar is absolutely mind blowing .
    As i am a heavy cigar smoker and im always invited to Cuba to try cigars before they are packed for the market and with all my respect what you are saying is a bit over .

  6. My first thought was "No! Don't just discard the wrapper, roll a tiny cigar with it!" lol

    Sounds like a really good cigar, thanks for the review!

  7. That is so cool. Love that idea!

  8. Best dressed cigar reviewer! Good to hear your thoughts on this one. I enjoyed the Sumatra and look forward to trying the maduro and Connecticut blends.

  9. I'm really liking the idea of the wrapper being tobacco instead of cellophane. Sounds like a very fine smoke. You may have covered it and if you did I'm sorry. What is the price of this stick? Thanks again for an awesome review. Cheers brother!

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