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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Le Carême Cigar Review | Brand New from Crowned Heads!

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The Le Carême recieved a 92 rating from Lets see if this blend holds up to its reputation!

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  1. This is seriously just some constructive criticism after watching a few of your videos: take it down a notch. Your delivery comes across as a bit corny and forced. Plus, it makes it seem like you're simply advertising the cigar for your website instead of giving an honest review we can trust. I HATE when JR Cigars or CigarsInternational put out "reviews" for cigars. We all know it's BS advertising. Don't be them. Otherwise, I really like your videos. They're really informative and I like supporting a smaller company.

  2. Not new. Has been around for over a year.

  3. I had one and then bought a box. That's it.

  4. Hey Tim! I agree with John Fitzgerald get your logo / website details on the wall behind you.

  5. P.s. almost outta gurkha beast cigars

  6. Got a few cigar questions for ya…I’m gonna be commenting this for the folks at TNT to see as well, since you and Bradley have helped me understand cigars a lot more, and also hoping that at least one of y’all comments back and helps me with my cigar conundrum.
    How do you feel about Romeo y Julieta? I haven’t had a single cigar from them that I’ve enjoyed…I’ve been smoking cigars for 3 years now and I’ll have one every few months or so just to see if my palette has changed, or maybe it was the actual cigar that was bad, but every time they come up short. Is there a particular Romeo y Julieta that you’d recommend?

  7. So what exactly is the retail website?

  8. La Careme is a delicious stick. Great dessert smoke. If you really like these chocolate heavy smokes, I definitely recommend Room 101 Chief Cool Arrow.

  9. whats the web site name to order from??

  10. Highlight of the work day is closing my office door over lunch and hanging with Cigars Daily. Great review as always.

  11. Sounds like this stick should be renamed Bradley lol jk jk, really wanna try it though sounds amazing 🤤 your reviews rock! 😎✌️

  12. Did you film this episode in a holding cell? Jk. Good review 👍

  13. One of my favorite sticks right up there with la Imperiosa.

  14. Why is "leather" "grass" "cedar" considered good? Who wants to taste leather? Go bite your car seat and lick your local park.

  15. question. you ever had Guinness before and if you have what cigar do you think would go good with it?

  16. Are you going to carry Camacho American barrel aged ?

  17. Are you going to carry Camacho American barrel aged ?

  18. Can anyone help me on this question. Which boveda pack should I use the 69% 72% or 77% for my cigars

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