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Las Calaveras 2018 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Crowned Heads is an industry leader in making artisanal cigars. They have a cult following in the cigar world. In this review, we’ll look at their new limited edition release – the Las Calaveras 2018. It’s a full bodied cigar that’s said to have loads of great flavor!

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  1. Had one today…. it’s a good solid smoke…. not spectacular but solid. Was surprised at how slow burner it was for the ring gage and burn was perfectly even throughout

  2. It sounds like it would interest me. I havent ventured much into the full-body end of the cigar spectrum.

  3. I’ve come so close a few times on pulling the trigger on the sampler. I haven’t truly tried a full body cigar yet, but I dig the medium to full sticks. Another purchase in my future?

  4. This is my first year with the las calaveras i really enjoyed this cigar i caught quite a bit of chocalate flavors. I love the way the studio looks now amazing cigar box guitar im always lookin forward to seeing your new videos thanks alot tim and cigars daily

  5. Hey Tim, I like what you did with the wall, very warm and homely.  The Las Calaveras is not in my wheel-house, but I may try the Luminosa.  Thanks for the review.

  6. Ordering this weekend !!!!

  7. Is it just me or is Tim using a new 4k super camera?

  8. Enjoying the new set as well. Put your logo in there somewhere though! Keep it up, and continued success!!

  9. I loved the 2017. Just had it recently and it was fantastic.

  10. Have not had a Crowned Heads I haven't liked.

  11. So you are saying I am goin gto like it hahahaa

  12. Great video thanks! Also, got my sampler in the mail yesterday. All the sticks look and smell great! Thank you for the hat and cutter free you ROCK!

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