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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Largest Cigar You’ve NEVER Smoked!!!

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Yeti Maduro Sampler


crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana


  1. What would happen if you let the cigar cool down, then smoked it the next day? I assume the taste would be weird since the tabacco had already been heated up right?

  2. Harry and the Hendersons!!!! When he does the siren to get through traffic!
    BTW… I believe in the real Big Foot

  3. Thhaattsss wwhhaattt sshheee ssaaiiddd

  4. Bro my mind has just been blown dana is beautiful asl tryna put me on homeboy

  5. Thats what she said…ha. haha.HA. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. THAT WAS TOTALLY FUNNY

  6. i seen big foot in missouri. if u spend enough time in the woods you will seen animals critters that u may not know what it is

  7. Lock jaw heaven . It will give a reason Not to have to talk to your wife better yet have her in the same room!!!!!

  8. BIG FOOT IS REAL!!!!! Sorry Dana…gonna stick with Bradley on this one.

  9. If u ever get a chance review the don osvaldo super coloso its 11×90 its not that tasty though made me vomit I may have smoked it to fast

  10. New to your channel….So far yall crack me up. I went to the web site to check it out. Ordered me the Yeti sampler pack. So now I am a new customer also. Do you have a store-humidor or just online orders? Thanks for taking the time making these informational and hilarious videos.

  11. Great video. Great Donald Trump impersonation. You should also do coffee pairings. I think French roast coffee (specifically Don Francisco's) would go great with a dark maduro wrapper. Veranda Blend would probably go nice with a Connecticut wrapper.

  12. DANA you look so good smoking that big CIGAR, I DON'T BELIEVE IN BIG FOOT EITHER.

  13. <insert generic comment about Dana’s looks here>

  14. Hey Bradley have you ever had a Alec Bradley Texas Lanchero? It’s another 7×70 and the biggest I’ve had

  15. How about Dana the dish instead of beauty

  16. So Bradley and Dana is there any advantages to punching a cigar over cutting the cigar? I’ve never used a cigar punch.

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