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La Reloba Seleccion Mexico Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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La Reloba Seleccion Mexico Cigar Review This 6.2×52 cigar features a dry slightly toothy firm wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap, ve…

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  1. Nice review.

  2. @cigarobsession – Hey Bryan, did the stick smell like pot the whole way
    through? It sounds like a good cigar, but I’m not fond of the smell of pot
    so I was wondering, thanks!

  3. Well, it IS the Seleccion Mexico version, lol. Good marijuana probably has
    a wonderful aroma, while shit marijuana from mexico probably has a terrible

  4. lol weed O.o this will be good seller

  5. Also it not Sumatra, it’s the Mexican wrapper. Maybe it really was pot! LOL

  6. I had one of these the other day it was very tight it had no pepper and it
    really wasnt good though thanks to this review i might buy another one.

  7. That’s what I said! 😉 Thx for the quick catch!

  8. Typo, Reloba not Roloba. 😉

  9. “…Yep, smells like pot”

  10. I’m smoking this as the video is playing. Burn is GREAT. The cigar all in
    all isn’t that great. The smoke has an oil to it and the rapper smells
    great. This is my 1st my fathers cigar. I have 4 more of these guys. Hope
    the next one is better. Good review buddy.

  11. do you know how much of US smoked pot comes from mexico, the stuff you
    smoke probably is ‘shit marijuana from mexico’

  12. @GuitarToneFreak Nope just the very start

  13. San Andreas wrapper. I personally like this kind of wrapper alot. sweet and

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