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La Palina Connecticut Nicaragua Cigar Review

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La Palina Connecticut Nicaragua cigar review. Featuring tobacco grown on AJ Fernandez’ farm in Esteli, Nicargua

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  1. Hey Delicia, was wondering how you have your indoor smoking room setup. Id like to enjoy a cigar indoors but dont because of the smell issue. Do you have a fan for venting or is it just an open window. Thank you for your response!

  2. I have not tried this one but I will put it on my "to smoke" list. Thank you for the video. Have a great day.

  3. I'd like for her to smoke my stogie!

  4. u are not even smoking if u dont inhale

  5. Idk if it was the cigar or just me but I did not like The Palina Connecticut I thought the flavors were all the same throughout the cigar, all I got was a light citrus, white pepper, and just a bit bitter. I didn't finish this cigar ended a bit after the last third. Flavors were bland. I've had better Connecticuts than this. Disappointed…

  6. These reviews you do are way more interesting and effective when done in a bikini and I thought us the viewers/subs have already voted for that previousley.?

  7. Alright end of story we're getting married 😘😂 but on a real note, great review and Im definitely going to try it and Im going to put it with my coffee or Hennessy just cause that's what I do lol 😈

  8. Wonderful! I love a "hello, I'm here, come and smoke me" stick!! I will add it to the morning cigar rotation. 😎👍👍

  9. Hello D hope your having a great day, I love all la Palina but I've never tried this one. I'm in lots of trouble for ordering the new AJ Fernandez Shadow King I got a jar of 20 today LOL. somehow, 2 seconds after I hit the buy button, my wife hit me with a shoe
    idk how she does that…

  10. Will keep my eye for this one anything with AJ's name attached to it I'm in, haven't got to watch much lately as a nursery_landscaper owner tis my busy season CHEERS 😎

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