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La Galera Connecticut Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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La Galera Cigars are a new line of blends from one of the world’s most prolific cigar makers, Jose Blanco ‘Hoche’. His blends are supposedly as tasty as they are affordable. Let’s see if the La Galera Connecituct lives up to the hype!

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  1. I just smoked the classic cuban from the cuban sampler 2 nights ago. With all the rum I just couldn't do a review so I ordered more because I loved it. I would love to see a review on it. Starting to learn if you want good cigars at a fair price and don't want to wait forever Cigars Daily is the place to shop. Also I'm still not one year into being a cigar smoker, I used to retro hale every puff and it got harsh it's there some stuff that can be cleared up here.

  2. I absolutely love the La Galera maduro! Have been super impressed with this brand so far. Hoche really knows his stuff, as he should. Just look at everything he's done.

  3. I have smoked one of these and for the price it is excellent. Great video Tim. Have a great weekend.

  4. Website says Out of Stock already

  5. I just started in cigars and I’ve been watching your videos. Your tutorials and all of your videos have helped me so much, I just wanted to say thank you so much.

  6. @Cigars Daily La Galera means Jail in italian, don't know in spanish 😀

  7. This is a fantastic cigar in my book. My brother and I split a box of the robustos early this year. It’s a well constructed, super creamy, naturally sweet, delicious cigar. Honestly worth much more than they’re asking for it.

    I also bought several tins of the half coronas (3.5×46). They’re so friggen tasty… like a smokable dessert… And every single one of both sizes have been perfectly constructed.

  8. Had one last week. Great taste. Only thing is the aftertaste just want go away. Other than that there OK.

  9. I would love to work for tnt or daily

  10. I need a Cigar Daily cigar holder!!

  11. Hey Tim!! Keep up the great videos man, ty for the content

  12. Hey a video that's not a one-second live stream 😂 👍

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