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La Boheme Cigar Review | LeeMack912

Posted by in Cigar Review

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La Boheme Cigar Review by LeeMack912

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  1. Smoked it and loved it you were on point with your review. I had a snug draw in the begining but opened up half way of the 1st third.

  2. It's hella cold in Denver fam!! Like BRRRR…getting ready to head to Cali, a 2 day journey in the truck. Hope it stops snowing!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. I was very underwhelmed by this one. I expected more since I had read some good reviews. I just got straightforward tobacco for the most part. Draw and burn were great, but it was just blah to me. Maybe they need to rest. I will let the other 4 chill for a while and revisit. Good thing I only paid about 4 bucks a stick for these, or I would be really disappointed.

    On another note, you mentioned Aging Room. For me, the F55, another one that gets great reviews, was underwhelming. The draw was so loose that I just could not get all the flavors others were describing. Dunno. Nowhere NEAR a 90+ cigar for me. Bummer.


  4. dame rxperience i had tight draw u need to open
    are u a marylander? 2

  5. Was that the Pittore fam? That's my go to in the La Boheme family. I have to say I have never gotten one with a tough draw. Had one that started to tunnel, but corrected. Lay these down for a minute a viola' a special treat! Peace

  6. good review thanks for sharing.. will have to get this!

  7. Great review! You are always so positive, good for you.

  8. I noticed your hat is the 1502 xo available yet?? That sounds nice.

  9. I smoked that a couple weeks ago but don't remember anything about it. So was it good and I forgot or maybe it wasn't that good and that's why I forgot.

  10. Hey LeeMack, what do you recommend for the novice smoker? I've been smoking a lot of Fuente Connecticut's. But I want something with a little more flavor but not too bold. Thanks brother

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