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La Aurora Puro Vintage 2005 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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La Aurora Puro Vintage 2005 Cigar Review This 6.25×52 stick features a salomon shape so of course there is ring gauge variance through the length. The wrappe…

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  1. Resident Evil is the series of movies I believe you were trying to think

  2. Maybe you will make new kind of videos about pairing ? For example for 3(or
    whenever you want ) reviews you upload to youtube ,you will upload 1
    pairing video ? Thanks

  3. Casa is cah-suh. So you are correct. It means home.

  4. Cool

  5. I like perfectos. I don’t know what it is, but I do enjoy that they spark
    up faster.

  6. If you think about the amount of videos and smoking you’d have to do to
    cover half of the cigars in the world, it’s crazy, and if you were to make
    videos about pairing there is literally endless combinations, some reviewer
    needs to stop time for like 30 years and do all this…

  7. “Paula Dean obscene meats.” Great quote.

  8. Great video

  9. Awesome!

  10. Great live show with Barry from Miami Cigar Co. Really enjoyed it. As far
    as the Puro Vintage 2005, I smoked one and thought it was great, but at $20
    a stick, it is not a cigar I am going to be buying everyday.

  11. As a Spanish speaker, your pronunciation of “casa” is the correct one.

  12. House of Cards is amazing. Can’t believe all that happened this season. It
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