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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor cigar and El Jefe cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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El Jefe is my new #1 and we got free ash trap for buying 5 cigars.

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  1. I just smoked an El Hefe and wanted to know what the reviews are on it. I
    decided to subscribed because you guys are into cigars and dip..just like
    me even though I’m around twice your age. You guys crack me up with the way
    you banter back and forth. IMO, your reviews are real with no airs of
    pretense like some assholes who think they’re the shit and know-it-all
    about cigars. I really hate when they talk like they’re way above you in
    status. Anyway, I look fwd to checking out your other vids.

  2. dont worry about it i always am miss spelling stuff in my video titles and
    descriptions lol

  3. Thanks really glad to hear you like our videos and i agree with you i cant
    stand people who act alll high and mighty and that they know every thing in
    there videos

  4. Oh, just noticed I spelled El Jefe wrong..sorry..

  5. if u love the el jefe u will probaly love the chupakabra its a great cigar
    and has a cool name lol

  6. 7:47 and 8:02 Lmaoo!! Spits on himself twice

  7. Btw, I loved the Aroma de Cuba El Hefe… Your review, however, makes me
    really want to try the Chupakabra you mentioned. 🙂

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