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Knife Review: Victorinox “Cigar Knife” (SAK With Unique Set Of Punch Cuttters)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. SAKs are awesome. There is a model to fit everyone's need, therefore everyone should own at least one SAK.

  2. Hey Jeff can you do another cheap cigar review on backwoods

  3. I swear you already did a review on this.

  4. I think that the Wenger version is better, but also allows you to be a Mohel if needed. Nice cigar BTW. Love Padrons.

  5. Hey jeff just wondering if you could review more cigar reviews please!

  6. Looked like a great smoke. Cheers.

  7. If I'd have known about that Knife 3 years ago I'd totally have gotten one… but I quit cigarettes and cigars when I had kids and I don't think buying smoking accessories would be a good idea lol very cool though.

  8. Great knife review video,Jeff!!!

  9. nice stick!!! one of the best

  10. Those are cigar punch cutters?! I always thought they were for DIY circumcisions. I have some nephews that I owe an apology…

  11. wow I really like this it's super unique tool n I agree I prefer punch cuts because it always make a perfect hole to get a good solid draw

  12. Hey jeff if i could recommend u something for your weight loss if u have a gym squats and dead lifts but u will gain weight but its muscle

  13. Hey, you should try and get your hands on a victorinox apex spartan 2. They were only sold in House Of Knives stores in canada, and I think i bought the last one retail. Go on eBay and look for it, it is the best knife in my collection by far.

  14. That's the best stick you'll ever smoke. Hope it was on a full stomach.

  15. You can also do a couple or more punches, say like a clover pattern, if you want a more open draw.

  16. Jeff did you know Padrons caps were designed to be bitten off? Crazy on such a pricy stick.

  17. Awesome. Didn't know that one existed.

  18. I've been partial to the cats eye cut, maybe because I'm a wood carver and love using my blades!! Good vid Jeff, looking forward for the review on the MK111

  19. hey Jeff, have you ever looked into doing some of your own kydex work? I just started getting into it and I would recommend it for you as well, its pretty easy and simple and the ability to make custom holsters is pretty great.

  20. Hi jeff your a boss

  21. Hope you reviewed the 1926! Just bought a box of Palmas. I can't wait to get out there when it is warmer!

  22. I'm down almost 80 lbs myself. Be very careful of carbs. I try to stay under 35 a day.

  23. Keep going with that weight losing competition man, i belive in you !!!

  24. Love your channel and would appreciate a reply in the commenta

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