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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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King Havano Black Knight Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. So body is how much flavor a cigar has not strength?

  2. That is correct sir 🙂

  3. we will just agree to disagree. There are things that just have a
    stronger(more harsh) flavors then other things. Coffee is stronger than
    cream. a mild body cigar just has lighter flavors like butter or cream then
    a full body cigar that might have leather or coffee notes. It doesn’t mean
    one has less flavor than the other. you put cream in coffee to make it more
    mild. that doesn’t mean cream has less flavor. it just has a different
    flavor. mild body=/= no flavor

  4. Great review as always Bryan!

  5. I’ll put the link in the description so you can better understand things.
    Pay attention to the last paragraph on the page.

  6. i’ve heard this song at least in three of your videos. and in no way do i
    get tired of it. its always so relaxing and calls for a cigar. keep em

  7. BTW, I have found that pipe smokers are very familiar with both concepts as
    separate. A good example is tobacco reviews dot com where stregnth and
    “taste” are categorized differently, along with “flavoring”, an issue much
    more relevant to pipe tobacco.

  8. Over the years I have found that most people conflate body and strength. I
    don’t think I can recall many occasions where I’ve heard someone mention a
    medium-bodied cigar with full strength. Most people do say something is
    mild, medium, or strong. But in my experience the vast majority of smokes
    tend to be in the middle, which is what I like. But I do agree that sellers
    need to do a better job differentiating between the two.

  9. Im pretty new to cigars. I quit Smoking cigarettes last thanksgiving and
    never going back. I tried Smoking an acid blondie and it tasted horrible.
    But I do like The tabak especial. Ive had 4 so far and they taste pretty
    good. I love The reviews. Keep up The good work.

  10. amazing vids man thanks i really enjoy watching them keep up the good work

  11. I’m a smoker and I was wondering why I never got the “buzz”.. Hell yeah to
    the rant and thanks for the info! Keep’em coming 🙂

  12. Mmmmmm, chocolate!

  13. Hmmm that is even more subjective than body/strength lol! I think that
    would be very tough. Having a trusted review source is the best bet IMO to
    discern what flavors or level of complexity might be there, I don’t think
    any kind of scale would be appropriate.

  14. Awesome review/rant, Bryan!

  15. Completely wrong, but thanks for the opinion. I can’t post links but you
    can look it up, it’s clearly explained just as I did on

  16. P.S. I love it when you rant ha. Gives the review a little something extra

  17. Great rant Bryan! Keep em coming.

  18. As a newbie smoker, I thank you good sir! I was a bit confused about the
    body vs. strength thing aswell. Thank you sir!

  19. Great review brother.

  20. I am new to cigars and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for my
    first full bodied cigar? thanks! and great review as always Bryan!

  21. TU is THE authority. They TRAIN the professionals in the industry. It’s not
    ‘some guy’. Believe whatever you want man, it doesn’t matter.

  22. Great review like always!!

  23. amen to the strength rant!

  24. Hey Brian enjoy your reviews.Was wondering why you leave the ash to drop
    off instead of just tapping it off sooner.

  25. thanks for the tip. ive been having trouble myself figuring out whether
    certain cigars/pipe tobaccos were strong vs flavorful for a while now.
    hopefully more people begin to adhere to this simple way as before I used
    to see body as a sign of its strength.

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