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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. nice review´╗┐

  2. Thanks for your comment and info, as I said I was sorting out a drawer and
    found them, along with another cigar, perfect for a video and forgotten how
    good they were. stay lit

  3. You shouldnt inhale cigars to much

  4. Im sorry for this awful question but do you light the end that you cut off
    the king edward?

  5. love smoking and it is hard for me not to inhale a cigar

  6. THanks for your comment and info. stay lit

  7. Those cigars are fine to keep for a long time because they are made dry
    cured at the factory and not the ones that need to be kept in a humidor to
    keep them moist.. I smoke them and think they taste good,has a sort of
    honey and sour and toasty taste sort of like black coffee sort of.My
    favourite cheap supermarket cigars which i rate as much as any cuban cigar
    i have smoked is the box pressed Villiger Export’s box of 5 with the light
    sumatra leaf wrappers,they got full taste,full smoke,slow burn.

  8. Thanks for another great review. Never smoked these, but years ago, I used
    to occasionally smoke the K E Invincible deluxes. The really big ones that
    you cut the end off. They used to be really good value at duty free. Don’t
    very often get cigars these days, especially not the Invincibles – the
    plumbing game’s not as good as it once was and the other trouble with the
    bigguns is that you tend to get bored smoking something that lasts over
    half an hour. May get a pack of the half coronas though.

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