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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. You pronounced it better than the last vid I watched on this Cigar!@

  2. it aint the smooth kind of cigar. it packs a punch. looks like shit though.
    but i like them.

  3. it’s rare that u get to see a cigar review w/ the words: bitch, puss,
    etc… it’s awesome! lol loving ur reviews man, keep em coming.

  4. Machine made… Hand finished

  5. Jose L Piedra Nacionales

  6. Actually they are both. Some lines are handmade and others, like this, are
    machine made.

  7. All vitolas of Jose L. Piedra, that you can buy in Germany are completely

  8. I think that Jose L. piedra are not mashine made, they are just short
    filler hand made. So tobacco is mashine made, but cigars are rolled by
    hand. Am I right?

  9. Awsome review man, bought 25 on a recent vacation. A great smoke, not
    agressive at all. Great flavours, mellow. Best looking? No, but I think for
    the money, I agree, it’s great.

  10. They’re made from short filler tobacco but they’re not completely machine
    made. The completely machine made brands like Belinda, Los Statos de Lux
    etc. were discontinued years ago.

  11. yeah these jlp cigars are pretty damn good , i bought upto 3 boxes of these
    cremas and one box of the conservas , and hell yeah the price is very good
    aswell . today i had a single cigar that cost me $45 it was a trinidad 2007
    limited edition , and it tasted nearly exactly like a romeo julieta number
    2 cuban , definatley a waste of $45 for just one cigar when it had the same
    taste as a cheap romeo, my JLP are perfect condition ,man not rought
    looking like yours , hell machine made huh that sux

  12. it wud have been great if u had mention the name of this cigar.

  13. Nice Review!

  14. Hey! Like your rewiews, congrats! Best regards!

  15. it is fantastic to see you again. i love your reviews!!!!!!!!

  16. i were smoking one of the 17 cm Casadores While watching this review & i
    gotta agree, it gets hot and burned about 60% into the cigar. my Cigar shop
    just don’t have the one you smoke i think, what is it called ? i have a
    hard time picking it up when your saying it, my English is not perfect’ not
    your fault, great review thank you.

  17. Jerry, in your opinion what is the best mild to medium much like the JLP ??
    Looking for a cuban with some creamy flavors.

  18. Nice review, by the way this seams like a good introduction to Cubans as
    you say, but there is an other “cheaper” brand I have found: Rafael
    Gonzalez (Panetelas Extra) any input on those? Again good reviews.

  19. no mames cabron mojado, la peeadrah? pinche panzon pelon y pendejo..!

  20. Actualy, they are hand made – not machine made.

  21. Very good cigar for everyday with a bonus money in bank, i always get the
    Conservas . Great review.

  22. Finished one of these conservas 20 min ago.. 100% great cigar for the
    price! Agree with the short filler problem, but the taste overshadowed that
    by far. This personal touch to the review adds A LOT to the traditional
    short cigar review.. Gonna subscribe!!

  23. Zino Davidoff said: Smoke less and better. But I’ll try José L. Piedra…

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